Manchester Police break anti-fracker's eye socket

| 21st January 2014
Chris O'Donnell after being attacked by police.
Chris O'Donnell after being attacked by police.
Kris O'Donnell, a peaceful cameraman and Legal Observer at Barton Moss anti-frack camp, was attacked by Greater Manchester police yesterday. He is under arrest in hospital with a broken eye socket.
Why the brutality? Where was I obstructing the police? I was not fighting back or anything. What are you kicking me for?

Kris O'Donnell, anti-fracking campaigner, cameraman and legal observer, was talking to police together with other activists near the Barton Moss proposed fracking site on the afternoon of 20th January 2014, when Greater Manchester police attacked and arrested him.

His offence: he attempted to reported a crime to five police officers, including a chief inspector, that a lorry delivering to the proposed fracking site in Barton Moss was using an illegal vehicle registration plate.

Under arrest in hospital

Mr O'Donnell is undergoing treatment in Salford Royal Infirmary for his multiple injuries, including a broken eye socket. He remains under arrest on suspicion of obstructing the police.

Officers repeatedly ignored Mr O'Donnell's multiple requests that the driver of the HGV with registration BX54 YCG be stopped and questioned regarding his illegal rear number plate, hand-painted in green on a white board (see photo).

He was attacked shortly after he confronted the Chief Inspector over his failure to act upon his report of the crime. He said:

"Chief Inspector, no index plate - any comment? Can you see the index plate? I pointed out to about ten of your officers and so far none has done anything about it. We now have a lawful reason to detain the driver of the truck ourselves Sir ... I reported a crime to you, do you intend to do anything about it."

Legs kicked out, skull strikes the road

A police officer then accused him of obstructing the police - which O'Donnell denied. He was then seized by police and his legs were kicked out from underneath him - despite a disability to his left leg of which he informed the police.

"Why the brutality?" he asked as three solidly-built police grabbed hold of him. "Where was I obstructing the police? I was not fighting back or anything. What are you kicking me for?"

He then cried out in agony as he was violently assaulted. "Ahhh my head, my head", he shouted as his head struck the ground. "What the fuck is going on? I have not assaulted anyone! Was it really necessary the kick the legs out from under a disabled person?"

"Yes, you were resisting arrest", replied an officer.

Greater Manchester Police released the following statement:

"Greater Manchester Police is aware of the footage relating to yesterday's arrest and this has now been passed to GMP's Professional Standards Branch. Officers are also looking into allegations that a lorry attending the site had an unlawful number plate. Enquiries are ongoing."

Kris O'Donnell was filming throughout the episode and a 13-minute film can be viewed on YouTube. For parts of the film no vision is available however the soundtrack is clear for its full duration.



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