Future NOW

| 8th November 2014
Satish Kumar and Peter Owen Jones will be speaking at Future NOW, 8th November 2014
Taking place in the run up to Bristol's year as Green Capital 2015, this groundbreaking spiritual ecology conference calls for Consciousness Revolution.
Humanity is in the process of bequeathing a poisonous and broken planet to the next generation. The systems we have inherited from the past are simply unable to create a sustainable future.

Featuring pioneering eco-spiritual presenters: Peter Owen Jones, Satish Kumar, Chloe Goodchild, Tim Freke and Joe Hoare.

The Future NOW conference and charity fundraiser brings leading eco and wellbeing thinkers, writers, performers and activists to Bristol’s Trinity Centre on Saturday 8th November (10am-5pm) to raise the debate about the future and explore urgent solutions and mindful steps for sustaining the Earth so we can secure bright, happy and sustainable future lives for our children and grandchildren on this planet.

Peter Owen Jones, maverick 21st Century priest, BBC TV explorer and keynote speaker for Future NOW, says:
Humanity is in the process of bequeathing a poisonous and broken planet to the next generation. The systems we have inherited from the past are simply unable to create a sustainable future. Whilst we are doubtless approaching an end of some sort we are also beginning at last to dream of what a new humanity and new Earth might contain.  Future NOW will explore all that we need to sustain a future for all the myriad of life on this beautiful planet.

Organised by leading edge speakers, communications and events agency Conscious Frontiers together with celebrated Laughter Yoga expert and author Joe Hoare, Future NOW was inspired by the burgeoning Spiritual Ecology movement which seeks a spiritual response to our current ecological crisis, urging us to reconnect with Mother Earth as a sacred living being to which we all belong, and to recognise the Earth as the source of all life, not a resource to be plundered.
Featuring groundbreaking presentations and powerful performances from ‘Extreme Pilgrim’ Peter Owen Jones, ‘Earth Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar, ‘Big Love Philosopher’ Tim Freke, ‘Sacred Voice Pioneer’ Chloe Goodchild and ‘Laughing Yogi’ Joe Hoare – as well as interactive breakout sessions exploring and reflecting on the question, “What can I do differently?” - Future NOW is a call to become more mindful, more peaceful, more connected and more loving to ourselves, to each other and to the Earth.

With our planet approaching tipping point, we are faced with potentially devastating climate change and environmental meltdown caused by our unsustainable, materialistic way of life, threatening us with natural disasters, famine, diseases, mass social upheaval and loss of life. World renowned Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh refers to these calamities as “Bells of Mindfulness” warning us to wake up and urgently consider our impact on the planet before it’s too late.

Will Gethin, Director of Conscious Frontiers says:
Future NOW is a response to this call of the Earth. it’s an invitation to take an active role in shaping a more sustainable and harmonious future - a future where our outmoded Western material dream is replaced by a new dream of mindfulness, kindness, interconnectedness and community.”

50% of the proceeds from Future NOW will be donated to the benevolent charities/causes of the keynote speakers: The Resurgence Trust, The Life Cairn Project, The Naked Voice and The Alliance for Lucid Living, all of which further the event’s aim to create a happier and more harmonious future for our planet (for further information visit the FutureNOW charity page).

Joe Hoare, co-organiser of Future NOW says:
“Throughout the conference, participants are invited to explore how we can each make a difference and take urgent action to be the change in our daily lives. Future NOW is an invitation to join the New Consciousness Revolution.”

Event details:
Date: Saturday 8th November, 10am-5pm
Venue: Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol, BS2 0NW

Future NOW tickets cost £55 (£65 on the door). A limited number of Early Bird tickets are available. For further information and bookings visit FutureNow or contact Joe Hoare on 07812 159 943

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