Resurgence & Ecologist Festival of Wellbeing

| 11th October 2014
Resurgence & Ecologist Festival of Wellbeing 2014
Annual festival of wellbeing to explore ideas and action. With inspiring speakers and entertainment, plus a day of co-creating solutions, connecting the community and allowing new ideas to emerge.
We need to move away from the current obsession with economic growth to a growth in wellbeing

Join us for a two-day event to explore how we can move away from an obsession with economic growth to a growth in wellbeing. Inspiring speakers and entertainment on the Saturday will be followed by an action-oriented day of workshops on Sunday.

Day One – 11 October 2014
A day of speeches, music, dance and poetry to explore personal, social and planetary wellbeing.

Speakers and artists include:
Love, family and wellbeing
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – Journalist and author

Human wellbeing depends on wellbeing of the earth
Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth

Sounds of wellbeing
Brina – Singer

Work: does it promote wellbeing?
Dame Carol Black – Principal of Newnham College Cambridge, Chair of the Nuffield Trust

The Healing Soil
Monty Don – TV presenter, writer and president of the Soil Association

Inequality – an obstacle to wellbeing
Mark Goldring – Chief executive of Oxfam

The City of the Future
Leo Johnson - Co-Founder of Sustainable Finance Ltd

Empathy and the Revolution of Wellbeing
Roman Krznarik – cultural thinker and founding faculty member of The School of Life. Author of ‘Empathy: A Handbook for Revolution.

Triple wellbeing: Soil, soul, society
Satish Kumar – Editor-in-Chief, Resurgence & Ecologist

Poetry for wellbeing
Pascale Petit, Poet

Resurgence of Wellbeing
James Sainsbury – Chairman of The Resurgence Trust

The Science of Wellbeing
Rupert Sheldrake – Author of Science Delusion and biologist.

Seeds of wellbeing
Vandana Shiva - environmental thinker, activist, physicist and feminist

Practical action for a happier society
Mark Williamson – Director of Action for Happiness

Day Two – 12 October 2014
A day of interactive workshop is hosted by UnLtd, Foundation for social entrepreneurs whose vision is a world in which people act to make it better. UnLtd has supported people to transform the communities in which they live for ten years and is the leading provider of support for social entrepreneurs.

On this day participants will explore the way forward to bring about Wellbeing on personal, social and environmental spheres.
We need to change habits and mind-sets as well as business practice, policy and our entire system to create the shift form a financial growth focused model to a wellbeing and ecologically sustainable model. After the first day of listening to speakers from the world of social economics, happiness, journalism and other practitioners of the new economy we are designing a day for YOU to get involved. We all have skills, expertise, passion and drive to influence our communities for the better.

During the second day we will bring people together in smaller groups, explore our passions and how we can take action. We will explore the theme of social entrepreneurship and social innovation and harness what you could potentially take with you into your life and help you get clearer about the difference you want to make. The day will be facilitated by experienced wellbeing social entrepreneurs and Satish Kumar.
The Festival of Wellbeing on 11th October will take place at Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH. Liverpool St Tube.

The Interactive Workshop on Wellbeing on 12th October will take place at Unltd head office. 123 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JJ. Barbican or Old St Tube.

Sponsors: Network of Wellbeing, Pukka Herbs, Neal’s Yard Remedies Supporters: Permaculture, Friends of the Earth, Action for Happiness, Network Review, Oxfam, Positive News, Alternatives, New Internationalist, Soil Association, Red Pepper, St Elthelburga’s Centre.

Tickets: £45 individual/£35 concessions    
£15 Indian vegetarian lunch (11 October only)

Book your ticket
Telephone: 01237 441293
Send a cheque payable to The Resurgence Trust to: Resurgence & Ecologist, Ford House, Hartland, Bideford, Devon, EX39 6EE


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