Brexit and the corporate war on regulations designed to protect life itself

Professor John McMurtry argues Britain will suffer more pollution as a result of Brexit.
Brexit is part of a corporate campaign to remove, undermine and attack European Union regulations and increase the rate of growth and profit. But these very regulations are necessary for the protection of the environment - and life itself. PROFESSOR JOHN McMURTRY, author of The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: from Crisis to Cure, raises the alarm.
Brexit exemplifies the pathogenic pattern which is not seen by the private ad-driven press, the corporatised academy, or the captive state.

The self-maximising growth of private-money power over all life and life support systems – life capital in a word – to exploit for non-producer profit is not yet recognised as a master degenerative trend built into the ruling meta program of which Brexit and Trump are the latest Anglo-American expressions. Central to this unseen meta trend is the compulsive dismantling of life-protective law and rights whose masking justification has shifted from ‘globalisation’ to ‘nationalism’. 

The Left is befuddled. It sees the anti-Labour implications in both the financialised EU and the de-regulating Brexit with no coherent program to overcome both. The Right blindly follows the inner logic of the ruling economic model while Liberals offer only partial and incompetent market fixes for collective life capital sustainability. 

All fail to see Brexit’s giant step towards life capital degeneration and eco-genocide at the margins as environmental and civil commons are stripped of their public funding by privatisation and de-regulation. The cumulative carcinogenic conversion of organic, social and ecological life organisation into ever faster private money-profit sequences multiplying to the unproductive few is the predictable system result.

‘Brexit’ is now a house-hold word for anyone following world affairs. Yet its political, economic and cultural meaning for Britain, the US and globalisation itself is tectonic, and no-one on the public stage or even the academy seems to get it – even after the huge upset loss of majority by the Tory party and Prime Minister Theresa May in the recent election.

Even after the Tories and May carry on with Brexit exactly as before the election they lost, the literally poisonous dispossession of life-serving civilisation and revolution backwards that Brexit still leads are unfathomed by the commentariat.

A very powerful separatist power

“Brexit is Brexit”. No policy change is made. The PM and the Brexit forces are still in charge. May can be dumped as a brand change, but not a policy one. The ‘Schedule of Negotiations’ to leave the European Union proceeds as if nothing has happened. Even Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, risen from the dead, is so chuffed up by its spectacular rise it does not comprehend the Brexit coup d’etat still in motion.

Behind the scenes, there is clearly a very powerful separatist power, including the press-lord media and allied bank and corporate rich, with unbarred interests pulling strings – as we see ahead – but no-one talks about it, including Marxists.

Who keeps on forcing a counter-revolution that is itself not yet understood with only a decisive minority ever voting for a policy-less separatist project funded and evidently orchestrated only by the rich with ‘nationalist’ demagoguery out front?

Bribing the Northern Irish bigot rump, the Democratic Union Party (DUP), with public billions to vote for Tory Brexit in the House of Commons is the only way the Tories can get a majority. 

Brexit exemplifies the pathogenic pattern which is not seen by the private ad-driven press, the corporatised academy, or the captive state.

DUP is well known in the UK. It was formerly at war with the Catholic majority in Northern Ireland in virulent flag-waving aggression led by the extreme-right demagogue Ian Paislie, and is descended from Oliver Cromwell’s genocidal conquest sustained over centuries – more representative of the Brexit Tories than yet known.

The historic Brexit-Trump connection

The political and economic ignorance of Brexit means that there is little or no common life substance, historical bearings, or defined policy grounds analysis of what is happening. 

There is no connection of the dots - even 30 months after Brexit suddenly dominated the news cycle as a marketing site for mass discontent and diversion from Britain’s real problems. Even progressive websites have little interest in Brexit, which is exactly what is needed for its dominant and unnamed interests to keep on forcing the rush agenda through.

US websites focus on US news and developments, not yet seeing the historic Brexit-Trump connection. Their connection is, in fact, a de-regulating nationalist-masked juggernaut reversing what good has been accomplished to protect citizens, the environment and the planetary life cycles themselves from cumulative despoliation and ruin.

The European Union, despite its shocking neoliberal financialisation, has evolved binding life-serving norms far ahead of the rest of the world over 70 years. This is not reported in the English-speaking world empire for an obvious reason.

There are so many dots to join, and all of them are compounded by the unseen programme of Brexit – ever rising  inequality, publicly bankrupting tax cuts and subsidies to the corporate rich, cumulative dispossession of the poor by Tory ‘austerity’, runaway disease-causing industrial-chemical  farming  and ‘frankenfoods’ growing into epidemics of obesity and other ills, London financial enrichment as the public sector shrinks, banks are recapitalised by public money, and – most unseen of all – mounting pollutions by multiplying carbon and waste miles built into vast unneeded commodity transportations across oceans that the Paris Agreement does not touch.

Why Brexit is an historic fraud  

No-one on the public stage seems to know that the Brexit referendum ‘victory’ is legally non-binding from the start and has never been supported by the vast majority of British voters, with ever less support since the 37 percent peak of support in June 2016 referendum.

So it follows that Ms May is Brexit’s new leader, which she was once opposed, and she tells a big lie when she continually says that Brexit “is the will of the British people”. Her nose, and that of the Tory rich behind Brexit, grows longer when she keeps insisting on this falsehood after a British majority voted against her in the June 8 2017 election which she proclaimed the “defining election about Brexit”.

The multiple fraud is, however, important to keep alive. If the majority of the British people have never in fact supported Brexit nor the Great Repeal Bill, May still takes forward to EU negotiation without any defined policy whatever, and she has a lost election that was about Brexit, then the whole house of cards on top of which she is visible queen falls into the bin of history where it now should go.

But who connects across the sudden and secretively funded and orchestrated 30-month movement of Brexit through all the lies it has spun – including the £350 million a day to be saved for the iconic but crumbling National Health Service (one fraudulent claim that has been noted in the corporate media)? 

Who questions the legitimacy of the whole affair at all levels – including the leading liar rewarded as Foreign Minister even as his fellow cabinet members and the independent press show he is unfit to hold high public office?


Who brings up the connected facts that the big losers of Brexit are the 90 percent of farmers requiring its agricultural subsidy to survive, the young professional classes and students losing their precious passports to EU jobs and travel, the competitive green exporters who meet the strict EU market standards for renewable and non-toxic products which Big-Ag-Food specialise in, and the many millions very much in favour of the independent EU Court of Justice and of Human Rights with 60 years of legal standards and precedents on workers’ and citizens’ rights - not to mention the further millions who support EU Organic Agriculture and Endangered Species Directives leading the world against profitably ecocidal practices.

The cruel health, education and social cutbacks

Who connects the widespread feeling that ‘things have gone wrong’ which the Brexit referendum capitalised on by scapegoating the EU to the real causal factors of the long Great Recession brought on by Wall Street and the and the cruel Tory health, education, public service and social cutbacks to pay for it? Cause-effect thinking has been suspended all around by the Brexit diversion.

Who is behind it all? Boris Johnson’s and Nigel Farage’s London financial pals are front-line candidates but are not named, and the billionaire press tub-thumping for them and Brexit has sustained the great diversion from the UK’s real problems. May and Johnson can even abet mass murder with no press follow-up as they approve billions of dollars of licensed armament sales to Saudi Arabia for its biblical eco-genocide of the poverty-stricken Yemini people.

Yet the unspeakable point about Brexit across domains is to make profit for life-destructive London sovereign again, against all international laws and regulation.

In the official background, Britain’s Electoral Commission has had to investigate Brexit’s voluminous and shady private financing. They have little chance of success, given a campaign-long time-limit on disclosure, and other blocks. 

Private London financial interests

Transparency International has run into them too. There seems to be nothing on Brexit’s backroom origins before the double-talk lobby group, ‘Britain Great in Europe’, began its slickly promoted media-spectacle campaign, with even its master slogan a brazen falsehood.

The mass media conversation is especially empty on the very big private money stakes that are at work in Brexit. After all the media’s major advertising spaces are bought by these very wealthy interests at very high returns. No-one in this company wants people to read that Brexit entails the legal erasure of  EU market rules protecting human rights, the environment and London financial inspections.

Private London financial interests are especially unexposed. Vast “investment banking, cross-border sales of securities, Euro liquidity to clearing houses, non-performing loan recognition, coverage and write-offs” all escape the planned independent EU inspection and supervision on these very defined issues at exactly the same time as Brexit started.

The EU Central Bank’s mandate to investigate and supervise “the business model, risk management, and capital, liquidity and funding” of private-profit bank and financial institutions via a rigorous “Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process” led by elite teams of professional accountants inside must strike terror and rage in the high echelons of the City. 

Blaming a “too tolerant” Opposition

All such independent intervention, regulation and accountability is anathema to the unregulated daily trillions in hard currency substitutes that are bet and switched daily in the US-UK global financial matrix which can fabulously enrich London agents and hollow world economies overnight.

Few observe that Brexit is based on a non–binding referendum unsupported by two-thirds of the population, interrupted by a terrorist attack days before the June 8 2017 election to decide the Brexit go-ahead. Such terror attacks invariably spike polls upwards for governments, and May made political capital out of the event by blaming a “too tolerant” Opposition and the “public sector” as failing to stop the terrorists.

Even with almost all former UKIP votes, the Tory PM lost the majority counted to be overwhelming to cement Brexit in. To be exact on the historical figures here, the original 17, 410,742 voters supporting Leave (in a rush referendum whose wording itself changed in the spectacle process) hardly exceeded a third of the electorate (46,500, 001) as enumerated by the UK Electoral Commission. 

Moreover, no mainstream media ever featured the 12,948,018 voters left out, nor the fact that those not voting later voted 2:1 against Brexit once the results were known.

In the June election, May and the Tories lost any majority whatever. Even with a snap election against the promised 2020 date to exploit a 20+ percent poll lead; even with illegal financing and non-stop misrepresentations of the facts headlined in the press-baron media; and even with a sudden terrorist attack right before the election.

‘Brexit’ is a major political operation

All things considered, it is difficult to avoid concluding that ‘Brexit’ is a major political operation to end the established order of government from within ruling circles – a coup d’etat – which has proceeded by stunning positional switches, policy-empty promises, leadership flip-flops and lies, all outside of Parliamentary control, never supported by even 40 percent at any stage, and with no binding legitimacy any step of the way.

One is reminded here that such coups within the established political order have been recurrent in recent years against social democratic systems – as the EU is – in Brazil (with times more population and real wealth than the UK), as well as Argentina, Honduras, Paraguay, and Haiti.

In this way, the long-established form of the UK’s EU governance in economic matters is overthrown for secretive and carte blanche rewrite covered up nationalist slogans stirring imperial ego and pride. Yet who connects this built-in coup agenda to the transnational bank and corporate goliaths who most benefit from holus-bolus privatising, de-taxing and de-regulating the UK economy?

The best way to divert any public from the hard facts of a coup by the unproductive rich is to attack a familiar enemy or scapegoat, and beat a nationalist tribal drum and bigot prejudices of superiority  to unify the many reliably ignorant dupes of the stratagem. The technique works across continents.

I have formally explained the inner syntax of this fallacy in a logic journal as the ad adversarium fallacy. Anyone can see it once it is exposed. In the Brexit gambit, the popular enemy has been a combination of EU nabobs grinding down poor countries to pay private banks, arrogant bureaucracy and oppressive regulations beyond tolerance, and – after years of catastrophe – globalising rules hollowing out the true nation and its glory across time. 

The Trump-Brexit connections - an explosive cocktail

The Trump-Brexit connections are clear. They make for an explosive cocktail. Both are recognised as populist nationalisms, but not the very powerful private interests they mask which in Brexit are relatively invisible in the media of record. Least of all is the cover-up itself recognised, never the logical disorder by which the mask is sustained. Almost always only personalities are engaged and yay-boo sides presented, while the actually determining policies and interests at a social-structure level are whited out.

The ad adversarium track-switch of thought drives the whole bandwagon diversion, and a nationalist mask over the real issues of private money interest versus common life interest is what is ultimately repressed and unspoken. Every step of the great lies and catastrophes of our time express some variation of this inner logic with ‘freedom’ versus ‘dictatorship’ the main ad adversarium switch of ‘globalisation’ which is now in question (but never defined), with Trump and Brexit the leading the charge of the new mask in place of the old to divert the public from what is really going on, again.

In short, the ‘nationalist’ mask is now adopted to distract the roll of real grass-roots outrage onto a convenient scape-goat kept down by political correctness before, with militant ignorance and – in Hannah Arendt’s lucid phrase – ‘negative solidarity’ – to gain supreme rule for the historical moment.

What is diverted from by this master-switch of thought is transiently game-winning for the blaming party, but ruinous in fact to the common life interest of the nation. In the case of Brexit more clearly than even Trump, the system payoff is the dominion of non-productive financial rule, de-regulation, de-taxation and privatisation of the nation’s natural and social wealth, and war state methods to sustain and advance the life-blind system of unaccountable money-party rule. 

Abolish life-serving law and regulations

Systemically understood, the UK and US ‘nationalist’ movements abolish life-serving law and regulations to engineer economic circuits to serve private money powers as the nation’s ‘freedom’. There are four degenerate trends:

1. sweeping income-tax reductions to private corporations and the rich to the lowest level in history of 10-15 percent (the “incentive” card);

2. ever more privatisation and corporate public ‘partnership’ schemes that cost the public 30 to 50 percent more in hidden profit-levies, poorer services and upkeep investments (the “eliminate red-tape” card);

3. rising armed-force spending for pervasive policing at home and war-criminal threats and occupations abroad to enforce the growing life-system depredation (the ‘get tough’ card);

4. systemic deregulation as the need for more consumer, social and ecological life standards become more urgent (the “freedom” card).

There is certainly a widespread feeling in the UK that the movement of foreign-speaking cultures into everyday poorer Britain for social benefits and low-wage competition with UK workers has inflamed anti-EU passions.

Inflamed anti-foreign passions

A similar widespread feeling has inflamed anti-foreign passions in Britain in the past – with the xenophobic Enoch Powell who much impressed the City-based leader of  Brexit, Nigel Farage. Yet such ability to raise primal resentments against the foreign Other cannot justify a political counter-revolution against an evolved system leading the world in environmental, labour, and human rights.

Much too has been made of ‘Brussels’ as an oppressive foreign rule choking Britain in ‘bureaucracy and red tape’. But this is the standard complaint against any public regulations perceived to lower private profits by increasing costs.

Research can find no sustainable example of such bureaucratic oppression. For example, the new EU regulation against massive throwing away of fish catches in falling-stock seas is despised by Michael Gove, the Brexit supporting secretary of state for the environment. But his family business has long profited from this no-cost waste and  ignored the ecological necessity that the EU Common Fisheries policy prescribes.

Fury has been poured on ‘bureaucratic’ regulation against destroying of hedges and trees (animal and bird habitat), and for imposing genetically engineered seeds and methods on the countryside that become genetically dominant and contaminate other crops and natural ecocycles – two of the EU most condemned regulations in the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and Organic Agriculture Regulations.

Life-protective rule of law

More sweepingly and eco-blindly, George Eustace, the current Tory agriculture minister, publicly repudiates the precautionary principle itself as “the wrong way to go”. He wants to erase this central EU and scientific principle for corporate ‘risk assessment’ and other profit-friendly evasions of environmental responsibility.

As always with Brexit leaders, there is no coherently defined policy to replace the life-protective rule of law of over 45 years in the European Community and European Union. All specific meaning disappears into vague PR sound-bites and slogans like ‘opportunity for innovation’, ‘lower regulatory burden’, and ‘less red tape’.

So too the financial suits behind Brexit. They want no regulations or costs for their specialty of trillions-a-day currency speculations (enabled and protected by public infrastructures), not even a small fraction of one percent proposed by the tiny Tobin tax over 40 years, with near-unanimous public support.

The big banks and speculators have avoided - even after the 2008 collapse from historically unprecedented private big-finance fraud and predatory greed - any regulation requiring them to actually have the money they spend on derivative and other speculations to pay for their titanic gambles to enrich them alone with their biggest failures paid for by public bailouts.

If the ‘democratic accountability’ of private banks and big finance promised by the EU and laboured on since 2008 by European experts (including British citizens) on behalf of the peoples of 26 nations destabilised by the greatest financial fraud in world history is stopped by Brexit, the City’s financial funnels into  the productive economy’s lifeblood will continue as usual.

City inducements and threats

The overdue EU Capital Requirements Regulation and Directives on reporting and supervising “risk management and capital, liquidity and funding” of each of the City’s big banks is intolerable to their long dominant culture. 

This upcoming supervision and regulation of London-cum-Wall Street by qualified international public servants - who are not subjugated to City inducements and threats - was under attack as soon as it was announced in 2015, with Brexit as the vehicle of overwhelming political pressures. 

The new $500 million Goldman-Sachs building in central London provides US-global back-up and partnership in the ‘too big to regulate’ scheme of an era of big-bank rule (or ‘financial fascism’, in the words of one EU minister).

Brexit and the Great Repeal Act are the master dodge by ‘the masters of the universe’ inside London against any incorrigibly independent and globally expert regulation in situ and backed by 70 years of international institutional experience.

Diversion to the populist enemy 

No one evidently connects across the dominant financial forces most of all gaining by Brexit clearance of over half a century of democratic civilisation and binding life-protective norms at all levels.

Indeed there seems no media or political connection made of Brexit to the Big Banks and Big Agri-Chemical Food. They have overwhelming interests in stopping the evolved rule of EU law from regulating out their US-style methods and predatory profits.

The de-regulated system has cumulatively degenerated from production and reproduction of life means with cumulative gain – life capital – to ever-growing consumption and waste of social and ecological capital as far more profitable for private investment. 

Even the universal life support systems of breathable air, clean water, living oceans, rivers and aquifers are being degraded and despoiled at once.

Not even the same demagogic method in Trump and Brexit movements for massive de-regulation of an already insufficiently regulated and collapsing global life support base is deconstructed. 

Desperate ignorance of dispossessed masses

Instead, the ancient method of powering a movement against a vague enemy diverts everywhere – especially the desperate ignorance of dispossessed masses and the self-serving mendacity of the opportunistic well-off. If the divert-to-the-enemy movement is given enough publicity without public analysis of its derangement, it can undo a lot of life-coherent civilisation to benefit top dogs and their packs in unseen ways.

In the US, for example, the accepted enemy of Russia is the only diversion which has worked against Trump’s own spectacular success with this same population-firing psychological operation. The argumentum ad adversarium explained above is a universal, always diverting from a substantive life-and-death issue at stake to the evils or foibles of a well-known enemy of the audience who is being gulled.

If many have been dispossessed and are looking for a scapegoat, the animating diversion works like black magic. It is the master track-switch of history and wars hot and cold. Yet the designated enemy must have some bad karma for this ‘psy-op’ to prevail, over time and against exposure. 

For example, the European Central Bank’s post-2008 financial torture of Greece and other poorer EU nations has been so life-blindly vicious on behalf of big private banks that the bemused Left stumbles in its next steps. “Financial fascism”, the term deployed by Italy’s long-serving Economic Minister, Giulio Tremonti, is not easy to disagree with.

At the level of the realpolitik of the only beneficiaries of Brexit, European Union life-protective law and regulations themselves are attacked as the problem. The private money-sequencing mind in control cannot compute that European Community regulations and norms have managed, over 70 years and better than any other continent, to develop life-coherent regimes of production and products not systemically poisoning and destroying people’s health and environments.

A US-style attack campaign

This has long been a secret outside the EU. In America, only a few have the research backgrounds to know it. This is why Brexit run in a US-style attack campaign has almost succeeded in the leading the greatest step backwards in the evolution of homo regulans, the differentiating intelligence of the species.

Unrelated to Brexit in the press are facts such as UK air pollution kills 50-60,000 people annually with the highest pollution content of all 28 EU states in violation of the EU standards with the EU now issuing a “final warning” before stiff fines against mass killing  – revealingly at the same time as Tory PM May is forcing Brexit as the “wide-open eyes” and “will of the British people”.

It is “oppressive EU regulatory burdens” which are alone set to solve the problem. The EU Ambient Air Quality Directive is exactly researched and covers all known emission sources, including all forms of factory and traffic emissions and the specific pollutions and acidifications, a decades-advanced scientific document with the standard feedback documentation and incremental enforcement that normally characterise EU regulation and norms.

Yet government action on the worst lethal air pollution by the EU over decades is only one of many life-protective regulatory actions that Brexit stops. Less seen are the faster-rising deaths and diseases from junk-food obesity and cumulative ecological ruin by US-style toxic Big Agri-Food processes and products increasingly feeding Britain. 

They also pervade organic and ecological life organisation with growing chemical inputs, concoctions and wastes.

Chicken meat sanitised only by chlorinated water

Yet already Tory demands have been made for UK hygiene standards to be changed from EU to US rules so as to permit chicken meat sanitised only by chlorinated water, to allow beef raised with growth hormones, and to free genetically engineered substitute foods or GMO’s from production and label restrictions. 

Already Big-Agri-Food US-style is setting up to compete outside the EU – Brexit’s “wider engagement with the world” – by far lower food, animal welfare and environmental standards.

These are the dark side meanings of the “glorious new market opportunities”, “lack of red tape”, and “regulatory flexibilities” promised by Brexit.

The EU Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee is also moving to restrict advertising and sale of  high fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) foods and beverages to children with the UK set to comply just when Brexit is force-moving negotiations to end EU standards in Britain.

Even more pervasive noise pollution is exactly targeted at source by EU regulations, including on auto-vehicles, lawn-mowers and boat motors (compare Brexit-supporter Donald Trump’s Harley-Davidson inaugural salute and full-blasting 6-foot amplifiers in hotels). But where in the ad-filled media have you ever read about this EU standard of civilisation?

Our carbonised world

In renewable energy too, EU Directives lead the UK and the world again by a strict Renewable Energy Directive which requires 20 percent renewable energy in all 26 states by 2020. 

This may seem inadequate in our carbonised world where the air and oceans acidify and trillions of carbon miles are built into transcontinental commodity shuttles while only downstream ‘climate change’ is targeted. In deeper fact, destabilised hydrological and weather cycles increasingly destroy the very conditions of life. At least the EU Directives are not more markets in rights to pollute which do not reduce carbon gases.

The Tory UK’s planned exit from the most developed rule of life-protective law is set to spike carbon-miles further by every “wider trading opportunity” it brings  outside of short-miles Europe where the distance between London and Berlin is a very small fraction of the carbon miles to and from Chicago or Toronto. 

Brexit is yet another crank up of the de-regulating US model where big finance, agri-food and military-industrial drivers rush further out of control at a tipping point of cumulative stress on local and planetary life supports.

For the wider view, EU life standards have evolved over many decades of painstaking regulation of material processes and products to be a social immune system of the most productive and efficiently recycling system in the world.

Hollowed out the public sectors

This is despite of their deadly internal conflict with Wall-Street financialisation since its 2008 crash, which has since hollowed out the public sectors of the developed world by at least $26 trillion in transfer of money demand from the public to private banks and unproductive private financial accounts.

The argument that the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is one of the most burdensome EU regulations has been a hot topic of discussion in the run up to the EU referendum, where the UK voted to leave the EU.

REACH was over 20 years in the making and involved leading British scientists. It has instituted regulations across domains in licensing processes and commodities in the legal market, to stop every man-made chemical life-insult now pervading the world in tens of thousands of forms.

Yet in every case of life-serving norm and regulation in which the EU leads the world in pollution reduction the EU’s detailed and scientifically validated regulations actually do reduce pollutions and life hazards by exact targeting and enforcement. This includes limiting the near-pervasive commodity toxification and invasion, subsidised and also normalised elsewhere as supporting ‘the free market’ and ‘growth’. 

The regulations require life-coherent standards to be applied step-by-step. This is in contrast with the regulation-bashing and swashbuckling ignorance of the Brexit-Trump forces who claim to support ‘sovereignty’ and ‘freedom’.


Brexit exemplifies the pathogenic pattern which is not seen by the private ad-driven press, the corporatised academy, or the captive state. The life-and-death meaning is blinkered out. The binding power of all EU life standards is abolished in equivocal style by the omnibus Great Repeal Act. The loss of voting rights are arrogantly ignored. The progress of life-serving democratic civilisation is reversed.

The macro-economic pattern is carcinomic. Masked as 'Great Britain’s sovereignty', unprecedentedly dominant private transnational money sequences grow and multiply in nano-second speculations, unproductive titanic takeovers and debt-powered dispossessions to metastacise unseen into all corners with no defined policy, democratic mandate or committed life function whatsoever.

This Author

Professor John McMurtry is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and author of the three-volume study, Philosophy and World Problems of UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. His most recent book is The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: from Crisis to Cure. The original source of this article is Global Research. Copyright © Prof. John McMurtry, Global Research, 2017

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