Wake up Britain! A far right coup is under way!

How the Daily Mail greeted Theresa May's sharp turn to the extreme right this week. Photo: Donnachadh McCarthy.
How the Daily Mail greeted Theresa May's sharp turn to the extreme right this week. Photo: Donnachadh McCarthy.
An extreme right-wing coup is unfolding day by day, writes Donnachadh McCarthy, as the government exploits Brexit to justify more huge cuts to public services, extreme deregulation and massive corporate empowerment. A new political leadership must step up to defend our hard-won rights and our children's futures.
Corbyn has disastrously asked his MPs to allow May to submit her Article 50 notification in March - even though the only hope of preventing the jump to the extreme right May is planning is to delay it for as long as possible.

What the unelected far-right Prime Minister announced in her big speech this week was that for the UK, BREXIT = TRUMPISM.

She also shamelessly announced that the 'victorious' Murdoch Brexit campaign were telling yet another bare-faced lie, again and again, when they said we would NOT leave the Single Market.

We are now in the middle of a far-right unelected coup, driven by Murdoch and Dacre.

In Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine, she describes how a US far-right neoliberal clique is forcing through the destruction of the welfare state in country after country, whenever there is a major crisis like the fall of the Berlin Wall or Brexit.

This is now happening here in the UK.

What May and Hammond announced this week, is that if the EU does not cave in and agree to Britain getting all the benefits of free access to EU markets for our corporations, with NONE of the social responsibilities towards our workers and environment, then they will turn the UK into a European offshore version of a South Asian economy.

Britain's future: Airstrip One?

So what does all this mean?

  • Turning Britain into an even greater immoral thieving tax-haven than we already are. They would give away billions to the rich 1% owned corporations by abolishing Corporation Tax.
  • This will be funded by further massive slashing of public services and the placing of all of remaining tax burden on employees and the poor.
  • This would also be a disaster for all working people across Europe, as it would force their governments to do the same or face loss of all their corporations HQs to the UK.
  • They are abolishing what remains of social housing in the UK.
  • They are seeking to abolish whole swathes of environmental and health protections.
  • They want to flood Britain with GMO foods and corporate pesticides.
  • They are ensuring fossil fuel and nuclear corporations get massive help from taxpayers, whilst slapping taxes on renewable energies.
  • All the leading Brexiters and their billionaire media puppet masters want to destroy action on the climate emergency.
  • They want to abolish totally the NHS and have a 100% privatised NHS.
  • They want to slash help for the poor in the UK and slash international development aid for the poorest in the world.
  • They want 'free trade' treaties that abolish the right of the UKs elected government to implement any future environmental regulations and make illegal for the elected UK government to implement any nationalisations of key industries like health or railways or Post Office.
  • They want to abolish all our international human rights treaty protections and remove all UK government actions from international legal oversight and appeal.
  • They want to destroy what remains of the trade unions and workers rights.
  • They want to abolish all welfare safety net provisions for the poor, the unemployed, the disabled.
  • They want to slash the number of elected MPs, whilst they are packing the House of Lords with hundreds of more right wing corporate donors.
  • They are attacking the right to vote by bringing in new requirements for US style voter ID laws and more difficult voter registration laws that mean hundreds of thousands of poorer voters and students are falling off the voter rolls.
  • They want to abolish public education and hand it over to for-profit corporations.
  • They want to abolish all planning regulations and end the Green Belt and build on our public open spaces.
  • They are facilitating Murdoch's disastrous fascist monopoly on our prostituted media, by letting him take over all of Sky, potentially turning it into another Fox News, which would take a ball and chain to what remains of our battered prostituted democracy; he has also just been allowed to take over yet another chain of UK radio stations, the TalkSport chain.

So of course this massive announcement that the Brexit campaign sold us a pack of lies, and its implications, got front page cover on the BBC the morning after the speech?

Corbyn has disastrously asked his MPs to allow May to submit her Article 50 notification in March - even though the only hope of preventing the jump to the extreme right May is planning is to delay it for as long as possible.

Erm ... NO!!! Despite all of the tabloids crowing about May's announcement of their betrayal of their promises on Single Market Membership, there was absolutely nothing on BBC front page!!

We must remember the Murdoch coup that took place at the BBC five years ago, when the Tories appointed two Murdoch editors to be in charge of BBC News!!

So what can we do?!

The Greens and LibDems came out fighting. But shamefully Labour caved in immediately and ridiculously spoke about how the PM had taken their concerns on board by allowing a vote in Parliament.

And today we learn that Jeremy Corbyn has disastrously asked his MPs to vote in favour of allowing the Prime Minister to submit her Article 50 notification to the EU in March - even though the only hope of preventing the massive jump to the extreme right she is planning is to delay Article 50 for as long as possible.

What's needed is what the Lib Dems and Greens are calling for. Britain deserves a second referendum on the final Brexit Deal - as the first flawed referendum was based on a total pack of lies and deceit by the Brexit Campaign. Alternatively if Article 50 can be delayed for long enough, we may get a chance to vote again in a general election.

And to get that second referendum, or pre-Brexit election, we need Jeremy Corbyn to stand up to the mark! Or failing that, resign and let a new progressive Parliamentary leadership emerge that's willing to fight Murdoch and the far-right's UK Brexit coup with fire in its belly!

LibDem leader Tim Farron and Green co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley have shown us they have the right stuff. And now Clive Lewis, Labour's shadow business secretary who shares Corbyn's popular political vision, has come out firmly against his leader on this vital issue, supported by an estimated 60-80 other Labour MPs. There is also widespread concern in the Tory Party at the deeply worrying moves we are seeing.

The UK now needs its loyal parliamentarians to defend the rights, freedoms and prosperity of the British people as never before. The alternative is too dreadful to contemplate.

Yes we Can!



Donnachadh McCarthy is an environmental campaigner and author.

Book: 'The Prostitute State - How Britain's Democracy Has Been Bought' is available as an E-book and paper (100% recycled).

Free ebook version of The Prostitute State, which explains in detail how Murdoch and the UK's five far-right media billionaires are trashing the UK's democracy, is available to Occupiers, Fractivists, Momentum / Green Party members, students and others who cannot afford to buy a copy by emailing contact@3acorns.co.uk.

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