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3rd March 2017
Resurgence Trust publishes the Ecologist and Resurgence websites and Resurgence & Ecologist magazine
The not-for-profit Resurgence Trust has owned and run The Ecologist website since 2012. Since then, we have maintained this site as a free service to an international community that shares our agenda of seeking positive solutions to the challenges of environment, social justice and ethical living. Help us to keep doing this by joining the Trust or making a donation today
Once a voice in the wilderness, we have long campaigned for a greater awareness of the challenges facing humanity and for a greater focus on solutions to these challenges.

Who are we?

The Resurgence Trust is a UK-based educational charity that has become a flagship voice for the environmental movement across the globe. Our mission is to inspire each other to help make a difference and find positive solutions to the global challenges we now face.

To do this, we publish Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, run the Ecologist and Resurgence websites and host regular events - such as the annual Festival of Wellbeing and the Resurgence Summer Camps - not just to share our collective concerns about the environment, social justice, peace and ethical living, but to find solutions.

Once a voice in the wilderness - Resurgence magazine was founded in 1966 - we have long campaigned for a greater awareness of the challenges facing humanity and for a greater focus on solutions to these challenges. We have been proud to present leading writers, thinkers and activists on these issues, in our magazine, on our websites and at our events.

And of course, we do all this on a shoestring, with a small but dedicated team of editors and others.

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Satish Kumar - Editor Emeritus, The Resurgence Trust

Satish Kumar is the globally recognized ‘face' of Resurgence.  A Jain monk-turned-Gandhian land reformer and international peace walker, he edited Resurgence from 1973 to 2016 (it became Resurgence & Ecologist in 2012). He continues to write, teach and champion The Resurgence Trust.




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