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The Resurgence Trust
The Summer Camp held by The Resurgence Trust - publisher of The Ecologist - is taking place from 13 July 2018. Speakers will discuss our search for personal wellbeing - and also how to create a society that holds and helps each of its members reach their potential. GREG NEALE reports

Music, poetry, talks, Nature walks and other attractions are among the reasons tickets for Summer Camp are selling fast.

Julian Abel will attend the Resurgence Summer Camp next week to tell the inside story of the project he and colleagues set up in the Somerset town of Frome, which they say has helped cut emergency admissions to hospital among elderly and other at-risk people by offering various forms of social and psychological support.

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The scheme has been hailed as a possible model for other parts of Britain at a time when the National Health Service is coming under increased pressure, and for its focus on tackling the causes of ill health rather than the symptoms.

Abel said he was delighted to have been approached by communities interested in replicating their work since the article was published. “It has made an enormous difference and we have had a whole variety of conversations that have been immensely helpful,” he said.

Shaping our lives

A workshop on compassionate communities is one of the attractions at this year’s camp, which is being held from 13 to 15 July on the Green & Away site near Bransford, Worcestershire. Speakers will talk about other initiatives and how Resurgence Trust members and supporters can help bring about change in their own communities.

Among other participants over the weekend will be the writer and performance storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton, who will be talking about her art and the importance of narratives in shaping our lives, and Julian Wood will be leading a workshop on the value of random acts of kindness.

Music, poetry, talks, Nature walks and other attractions are among the reasons tickets for Summer Camp are selling fast: to find out more, and to book your place, visit our website or telephone 01237 441293.              

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Sally Pomme Clayton, storyteller, will be speaking at the Summer Camp.

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