Drop the surcharge on plant milks

| 22nd August 2019
Probably not how most people now get their milk
Most high-street coffee chains currently charge 20-50p extra when customers choose vegan milk.


Veganuary - a global organisation encouraging people to try vegan in January and the rest of the year - is today calling on all coffee chains to drop the surcharge on plant milks.

The call comes on World Plant Milk Day, an annual collaboration between global food awareness organisation ProVeg International and vegan news service Plant Based News, which celebrates the wide array of plant-based alternatives to dairy products and highlights their many benefits – for animals, the planet and our health.

Most high-street coffee chains currently charge 20-50p extra when customers choose plant milk (soya, oat, almond, coconut). AMT Coffee is a rare exception, always offering it for free and, after collaborating with Veganuary and ProVeg, the chain will be encouraging customers to try plant milk on World Plant Milk Day by offering 25 percent off all coffees ordered with it as well as an e-voucher for a free plant-based drink.

Cliamte catastrophe 

Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications at Veganuary, said: “Charging extra for plant milk is effectively a tax on climate-conscious customers.

"Animal farming is responsible for more than half of all food-related greenhouses gases and cows are the prime cause, with each one burping out 600 litres of methane a day. The true cost of cow’s milk is climate catastrophe.”

She added: “This World Plant Milk Day we’re calling on all coffee chains to follow AMT’s lead and help halt the devastating impact animal farming has on our planet by providing free planet-friendly plant milk for all customers – before we all pay the price.”

AMT Coffee will also be encouraging customers to take part in the 7-Day Dairy-Free Challenge beginning on World Plant Milk Day, marking another milestone in the plant-based revolution and giving a glimpse of the excitement already building for Veganuary 2020 - less than five months away.

This Article 

This article is based on a press release from Veganuary.

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