Labour calls for ban on trophy hunting

| 27th August 2019
Proud hunters stand over their trophy. Photo:
Proud hunters stand over their trophy. Photo:
Shadow environment secretary Sue Hayman attacks "few wealthy hunters" for "cruel and indefensible" trophy hunting.

The trade is exacerbating the decline of threatened species and brings unnecessary suffering to animals.

Labour has called for a ban on the importation of hunting trophies of threatened species.

Shadow environment secretary Sue Hayman said it is "cruel and indefensible" for a "few wealthy hunters" to bring such items into the UK.

Ms Hayman said it was wrong for hunters to import horns, antlers, hides or heads and display them as trophies.


She said: "Shooting and importing animals so that their heads, antlers and skins can adorn the trophy rooms of a few wealthy hunters is cruel and indefensible.

"The trade is exacerbating the decline of threatened species and brings unnecessary suffering to animals.

"Labour is the party that introduced the Hunting Act and by working with the general public, conservation charities and animal rights organisations on our animal welfare manifesto, we will be the party to end the import of trophy animals."

Eduardo Goncalves of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: "Trophy hunting is cruel, immoral and is devastating some of the world's most endangered animals."

Labour said that at present the import of hunting trophies is legal as long as the animal is licensed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES).


Ms Hayman said the proposed new ban would cover species classed as vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered and extinct in the wild.

The move forms part of Labour's 50-point animal welfare manifesto.

Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers said: "These are empty promises which Labour would not be able to deliver on.

"Boris Johnson and the Conservatives are already taking action to stop the import of wild animal trophies from endangered species.

"Delivering Brexit presents the opportunity to strengthen our position as a world leader on animal welfare; we will be able to take further action such as banning live animal exports - an opportunity which Labour would not seize because they want to stop Brexit."

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