The human aquarium exhibition

| 15th January 2019
Human Aquarium
Human Aquarium
New exhibition explores life from the perspective of marine mammals.


The Human Aquarium is a brand new exhibition, premiering on 15 February 2019 in Leeds.

The exhibition looks at the world through the eyes of sea mammals. Using Mer-folk in place of marine mammals, it delves into the world of aquariums, their inhabitants.

What it is like to spend your life in a tank? For the animals still dependant on their natural habitat - the world’s oceans - what effect are single-use plastics having on their home? And why should we care?

Public engagement 

Despite the success of documentaries such as ‘Blackfish’ and ‘Blue Planet’ that provide information about captivity, single-use plastics and recycling, do we really know what we are buying into?

Whether it’s purchasing a disposable bottle of water or a ticket to a marine park, do we consider how our choices affect the planet?

The Human Aquarium is a free, family friendly and thought provoking, interactive event developed by local Leeds artists and activists. Volunteers will engage with the public and discuss these hot topics, present sustainable alternatives and provide opportunities to learn about more ethical choices.

The Human Aquarium team will be taking over an empty shop unit to replicate an aquarium and all things aquatic in Leeds City Centre.

During the exhibition the team will be creating a sculpture from single-use plastics that the public are invited to come along and add to.

Working together 

On 22nd Feb 6-9pm they will host an evening of environment-themed talks from some inspirational organisations: The World Cetacean Alliance; Plastic-Free Me; Greenpeace Leeds; Love the Oceans; Zero Waste Leeds; The Real Junk Food Project.

There will also be a variety of free, family friendly workshops including: Mermaid Mondays; Dolphin Scramble; Ocean Plastics Fish Making; Sculpting The Future The Forever Octopus.

This Article 

This article is based on a press release from Yorkshire Life Aquatic. See the event website for workshop, event details and opening times.