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| 17th June 2019
anti-coal protesters at Ffos-Y-Fran
Activist camp to focus on new gas fired power stations fuelling the climate crisis and on UK’s Hostile Environment for migrants.


Reclaim the Power's upcoming camp will target gas infrastructure and make connections between fighting for climate and migrant justice. 

Writing in Bright Green, campaigner Annie Pickering said: "The environmentally destructive and systemic racist policies of the UK government are both examples of capitalist exploitation that need fighting. For this camp we have decided that from one space we can contribute to both fights.

"To build the better world we want to see we need to take action to stop climate chaos, get rid of the racist systems we live in, and create a different way of living. Climate justice is not about simply cutting our emissions, it is about tackling the inequalities of our current society by listening and learning from those currently most affected."

Power stations

Drax is trying to keep our energy system hooked on filthy fossil fuels for decades to come by building the UK’s largest gas fired power station this autumn.

The UK is currently planning more big gas powered electricity infrastructure than anywhere else in Europe.

With Germany and others indicating that they’ll be following the UK’s lead on the issue, what happens with Drax could help halt the development of new gas fired power stations across Europe and push us towards a more democratic, clean energy future.

It’s up to us to turn off the gas and show investors and the government what real action for the climate looks like.

Hostile environment

In our communities migrants and people targeted by racism face multiple threats to their ability to lead their lives.

In this Brexit-fueled era we want to stand in solidarity with them in facing down the racism of the state’s Hostile Environment and the emboldened far-right.

To do this work well we need to start by listening to the incredible activists at the sharp end of migrant justice

So as well as informative and inspiring talks and trainings on climate, our program is packed with chances to learn about the impact of the Hostile Environment, and ways we can take action against it.


The camp is one in a line of many previous camps against coal, fracking and more!

The camp will be at a secret location in the South East of England, within reach of London. We will let you know exactly where nearer the time. 

It is family-friendly with a kids space with activities, toys, books and games for children. You should bring a tent, suncream, a sleeping bag, and warm clothes.

You can buy coach tickets to the camp from London here. Coaches from other cities will be arranged shortly; you can also get in contact if you want to organise transport from where you are.

We will take a piece of land and put up marquees, a kitchen, a renewable power stage, compost loos, and little sinks to wash hands, and you can pitch your tent there!

Reclaim the Power will provide compost toilets and vegan food. There will be workshops, trainings and musical entertainment. The site will be as accessible as possible, but it will be outdoors. Once on site everyone is crew and we all pitch in to help.

Get involved

Entry is on donation, plus donations to cover food. It’s expensive to run a camp so we hope people do donate but for those who cannot donate much or at all, that is no problem as the camp should be inclusive for all who want to take action!

To find out more see our website, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and instagram (@reclaimthepower), or email us.

Those who seek refuge in the UK are met by Theresa May’s “Hostile Environment” facing raids on their homes and workplaces, imprisonment for indefinite periods and violent deportations. In the wake of Brexit, this is only set to get worse.

The border is everywhere, it’s just invisible to those of us with citizenship. People at the sharp end, friends and allies have been challenging these racist regimes for years.

Now it’s time for us to step up. Based on the aims drawn up by some of the groups most affected we want to challenge the Hostile Environment at this camp.

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Marianne Brooker is The Ecologist's content editor. This article is based on copy from Reclaim the Power


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