Momentum backs 2030 decarbonisation

| 17th May 2019
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Radical Green New Deal pushed closer to becoming Labour policy.


Pro-Corbyn movement Momentum has announced that it will be campaigning for a motion from Labour for a Green New Deal to be passed at this year’s Labour Party Conference

The motion, which would commit Labour to including a radical Green New Deal in its next manifesto, received official backing from Momentum after a vote by the organisation’s National Coordinating Group (NCG).

This means Momentum will now be campaigning to encourage Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) to submit the motion to conference over the summer and get it passed on conference floor in September.

If passed, Labour for a Green New Deal’s motion would bind Labour to a much more ambitious green agenda which reflects the true scale of the climate emergency, crucially moving the party’s target for decarbonisation forward from 2050 to 2030.

Transformative change

To achieve this, Labour would need to implement a transformative Green New Deal, which builds upon the party’s current Green Industrial Revolution policy by rewiring every aspect of the economy towards tackling climate change.

The Green New Deal put forward in the motion would see a rapid phasing out of all fossil fuels alongside large-scale investment in renewables, as part of an internationalist just-transition which includes well-paid unionised, green jobs, as well as the provision of universal services, and the expansion of public, democratic ownership across the economy.

Toby Barnes, co-founder of Labour for a Green New Deal, said: “Countries like Britain must aim to decarbonise by 2030 if we are to have a hope of keeping global temperature rises below 1.5C and avoiding the worst effects of climate change.

"Such a target demands a transformation of our whole economy, and a Green New Deal will be essential for a just-transition which ensures prosperity and abundance, rather than job losses and lower living standards.

“With Momentum putting its organising muscle behind our motion, a Green New Deal is in sight. It’s now down to Labour Party members to make it a reality at conference this year.”

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