Permaculture Magazine prizes now £30,000

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Groundbreaking prize aims to highlight the worldwide successes of the growing permaculture movement.


Permaculture Magazine has announced that it will now award a total of £30,000 as part of its annual prize due to the "faith and generosity" of an anonymous donor. There are two weeks until entries close.

All the money for the PM Prize goes direct to the chosen projects, so the money is reaching the right people and places around the world.

With a fund of £30,000 the Permaculture Magazine Prize, in its second year, aims to directly help transform communities and regenerate habitats and it will be judged by a "prestigious panel of international judges".

Abundant Earth

The prize will consist of one main award of £10,000, a second runner-up prize of £5,000 and four runners up of £2,500. The prize is open to any permaculture project in the world.

The closing date for entries is 31 May 2019, 23:59 GMT and is also open to those who applied last year.

A £5,000 Youth in Permaculture Prize is also available in collaboration with Abundant Earth Foundation with £3,000 available for the main award and two runners up of £1,000. This prize is open to anyone under 25 years of age.

All winners will be announced in the pages of PM102, published 31 October 2019 and will be featured in following issues.

Eligibility Guidelines

Permaculture Magazine is looking for permaculture projects that are:

* Regenerating damaged land

* Enhancing habitat and biodiversity

* Helping people to gain practical and community skills

* Adding value to produce and developing local economies

* Building community, creating social glue and greater economic resilience

* Modelling new ways of cooperating and new cultural paradigms

Innovative design

Permaculture Magazine wants to specifically award money to permaculture projects that reach ordinary people and demonstrate best practice permaculture both in terms of ecological and socially / culturally innovative design.

Any project can apply if it has been functioning for at least three years and has established its place within its community.

Please tell permaculture projects around the world about the prize. Permaculture Magazine wants to hear from you, highlight your achievements to the world and help you in your next steps!

Application details

Online applications are now open and it’s free to enter.

For info on the Youth in Permaculture Prize visit the website

Information on the judges and full prize details can be found here

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