Crowdfunding for an 'ethical lifestyle toolkit'

Soil is where our food comes from - so why don't we look after it as well as organic farmers? Photo: Soil Association.
Soil is where our food comes from - so why don't we look after it as well as organic farmers? Photo: Soil Association.
Ethical Consumer and the Permaculture Association are teaming up to create online tools for tackling climate impacts.


The Ethical Lifestyle Toolkit will explore the ethical dilemmas underlying lifestyle choices and help readers to find ways of making realistic changes.

The idea for the toolkit was developed through pooling knowledge and experience from Ethical Consumer and the Permaculture Association through an online survey and three focus groups

All money raised through the joint crowdfunder will go towards developing the Ethical Lifestyle Toolkit further and supporting our transition to more regenerative ways of living.

Meaningful action 

Many of us are concerned about the impacts that our lifestyles have, with ten years to take meaningful action on climate change and ongoing reports about corporations’ mistreatment of individuals and communities.

There is so much information out there about how our choices affect the world - from carbon calculators to articles on child labour and animal rights, to Permaculture demonstration sites. But it can be hard to identify what the most meaningful and realistic actions are.

The Ethical Lifestyle Toolkit will make this information accessible. It will identify the changes that have a real positive effect, and which also feel doable in the context of each individual’s life.

By working through your day-to-day life, the toolkit, if funded, will help you to explore the ethical dilemmas underlying your lifestyle in a holistic and fun way.

Lifestyle impacts

Sections on areas like clothing, home & garden, finance, and food & drink will hone in on what is most relevant and important to you. We will help you to understand the problems in these sectors; where opportunities for better living exist; and how to create change within your home, community and workplace.

The toolkit will personalise your options to help you figure out which choices have the greatest impact, while also tracking the effects of the changes you make.

With time, the toolkit will also provide the basis for online and offline courses. With the help of facilitators from across the country we will offer a programme of training and engagement activities covering the key information and skills needed for understanding, assessing and addressing our lifestyle impacts.

Read more about the project, and contribute to theCrowdfunder here.

This Author 

Anna Clayton is a writer and researcher working with Ethical Consumer