Monbiot: from mental health to climate breakdown

| 5th September 2019
George Monbiot

George Monbiot enjoying the coastline.

Watch an insightful series of short films featuring environmentalist and journalist George Monbiot.


A unique and insightful series of short talks with the environmentalist and journalist George Monbiot have been released by LOVE IT TV has created, offering life changing and inspiring ideas about the way we live. 

These educational and interactive videos look at climate emergency, education, despair and denial, celebrity culture, consumerism, Extinction Rebellion and the 3.5 percent culture shift model. 

While each of these is a real and present issue that demand answers in the longer term the speaker offers practical solutions for change that can begin as of now.

You can watch the full two-hour talk here, or click on the headings below to see a snippet. 

Full list

- What does declaring a climate emergency actually mean?

- George Monbiot challenges the BBC to go further in naming and confronting power

- Celebrity is the mask the machine wears.

- Is advertising just mindless brain washing?

- Has green consumerism become a substitute for systemic change?

- Solutions for carbon off setting and how to prevent climate emergency!

-  Extinction Rebellion

- The age of Loneliness

- Capitalism is destroying our living planet and our life support systems

 - Is education helping to solve the world’s problems?

- What is the tipping point for creating a societal shift?

- How do we create equitable economic growth and the redistribution of wealth?

- Why are more UK farmers taking their own lives?

- Who is Gretta Thunberg

Should I have Children in these challenging times

- The solutions for a better world – Travel, plant based diet, community and education



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