The Ecologist vintage t-shirt collection

Buy a Christmas gift for the environmentalist in your family that will not cost the earth.

We're thrilled to be working with TeeMill to create some amazing t-shirts that meet our exacting environmental standards.

The world leading environmental website The Ecologist is offering a range of vintage t-shirts inspired by the magazine's 50 years of cover art as a Christmas gift idea with a low ecological impact.

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The t-shirts are made with organic cotton in northern India where almost all the water for this thirsty crop is supplied by the monsoons. They are produced in a factory that uses renewable energy with recirculated water. And posted in paper packaging.


Marianne Brooker, co-editor of The Ecologist, said: "We're thrilled to be working with TeeMill to create some amazing t-shirts that meet our exacting environmental standards. The designs are inspired by the amazing magazine covers published since we first launched in 1971. We love them."

Brendan Montague, co-editor of The Ecologist, said: "All the money we make from this sale will go towards building our audience for our amazing writers. We have increased our readership three fold in three years - and with your help we can make sure our message of hope and courage can reach even further." 


The t-shirts are made from organic cotton in a renewable energy powered factory and as well as using recycled materials, every product is designed to be sent back when it's worn out. Teemill make new products from the material they recover, part of what they call a circular economy.

Phillip Parker from Teemill said: "Our company is on a mission to redesign the way t-shirts are made, starting by using tech to produce products in real time - in the seconds after they are ordered, so there is no waste - we only make what people need when they need it. 

"And tech like this means we can share access to our supply chain with principled brands like The Ecologist. Conscientiously applied, technology can create efficiencies that make more sustainable production possible. We're stoked to partner with Ecologist to bring engaging designs for their dedicated and thoughtful readers to enjoy."

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The Ecologist is owned and published by The Resurgence Trust, a small educational charity based in North Devon. You can find out more about how the products are made and what happens when they are worn out.

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