Night at the museum

| 7th February 2020
BP must fall
Sign the petition calling on the British Museum to allow the peaceful protesters and their anti-BP Trojan Horse to stay in the museum’s courtyard overnight.


This morning, activists from the group BP or not BP brought a huge wooden Trojan Horse to the British Museum, to protest BP’s sponsorship of the museum's Troy exhibition. 

They plan to stay with the horse overnight inside the museum courtyard, ready to welcome over 1000 people taking part in a mass performance protest tomorrow. 

The British Museum has let BP in, despite knowing full well what they are doing to this planet. We only ask that the Museum let the protesters and their Trojan horse in too. This would show their willingness to listen and engage with the people, and not just polluters like BP.

Support the protest

We don’t have much time. But if enough of us sign this petition today, and cause a stir by sharing it across our networks, the Museum will see that it’s in their interest to allow this legitimate protest.

Sign the petition calling on the British Museum to allow the peaceful protesters and their anti-BP Trojan Horse to stay in the museum’s courtyard overnight, until Saturday the 8th of February.

BP likes to claim it is doing its best to combat the climate crisis, but in reality 3 percent of its investments are in clean energy and it’s planning to spend $71 billion (US dollars) in the next 10 years drilling for even more oil and gas. By promoting and defending BP, the British Museum is helping the oil giant to get away with this.

If the British Museum continues to partner with BP, the protests against it are only going to get bigger and more ambitious. And they are not going to stop. Instead, we urge the Museum to follow the positive leadership demonstrated by the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Galleries Scotland, and end this polluting partnership as soon as possible. 

Like a Trojan horse, BP sponsorship might appear to be a generous gift, but inside it is hiding the death and destruction that will come from climate breakdown.

It’s time to raise our voices, and cause a commotion. Together we can be loud enough that the British Museum sees that they cannot allow polluting oil companies in, while kicking peaceful protesters out. 

Sign the petition now, and let the British Museum know that you want them to allow the protesters and their Trojan horse to stay the night.

Read BP or not BP's letter to the British Museum here. 

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