Working for a European Green Deal

| 17th January 2020
European Parliament
Green New Deal Intergroup launches ahead of Brexit.


After months of hard work, Green Party MEP Alexandra Phillips has finally seen her dream of a Green New Deal Intergroup in the European Parliament realised. 

Alex has spent her mandate fighting for a Green New Deal in the EU, with the Greens/EFA group playing an instrumental role in the setting up of the group.

It’s formation sweetens the bitter Brexit pill slightly, with British Greens being able to bow out of Europe safe in the knowledge that their work is to be continued. 

Cutting edge

Alexandra, co-president of the Intergroup alongside French MEP, Aurore Lalucq, said: “We are at a crucial moment in history. Scientists have been warning us for decades about the catastrophic events that the climate crisis will cause, many of which we are facing right now.

"This intergroup has the opportunity to influence and shape the proposals put forward by the Commission. By working together across parties and borders, we can bring together cutting edge ideas and expertise to deliver a truly Green New Deal that is so desperately needed.”

The group has 126 members, and they’ll be focussing on involving farmers, industries, citizens and businesses in a Green New Deal, and raising awareness of what a deal might mean for everyday European life.

Its launch follows a vote in the Strasbourg plenary today, in which the Greens/EFA enjoyed a resounding success. 

Votes were passed in favour of cutting carbon emissions by 2030 - without resorting to the use of nuclear power - and for placing women at the centre of a Green New Deal."

Policy tool

Alexandra continued: “I am so proud of the important role that we Greens played in the negotiations,” says Alex.

“The European Green Deal is a major policy tool to help us finally address inequalities across Europe through the transition to a zero carbon continent. 

“As Greens, we will keep pushing the commission to implement a Green Deal that integrates social protections and raises environmental ambition.”

This Article 

This article is based on a press release from Alexandra Philips, MEP for the South East of England. 

Image: Guilhem Vellut, Flickr. 

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