Climate change 'top concern for young people'

| 28th January 2020
UK Youth Parliament
UK Youth Parliament
UK Youth Parliament launches campaign to address climate change.


The UK Youth Parliament has launched its national campaign Protect Our Future which demands action to halt the climate emergency and declared climate change a top concern

The climate breakdown campaign asserts that the crisis will only be addressed by the combination of individual action and government-level change. Members of youth parliament believe the government must act to halt the impact of climate change.

A spokesperson said: “The climate emergency and knife crime are the biggest issues facing young people and politicians must work to address their concerns with some urgency and with young people’s voices at the table.”


UK Youth Parliament states that young people’s voices should be at the heart of decision making as they will be most affected by climate change in the future.

Knife crime remains a priority for the UK Youth Parliament, following a year highlighting the prevalence of knife crime in the UK.

This years campaign will continue to back the Youth Violence Commission’s calls for the Government to adopt a public health approach but will also call on the Government to roll back the use of ‘stop and search’ as a method of addressing knife carrying.

Each campaign was chosen following the UK Youth Parliament’s debate within the House of Commons chamber on Friday 8 November 2019.

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This article is based on a press release from the UK Youth Parliament.

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