Food growing during the coronavirus crisis

| 24th March 2020
Growing your own food during the coronavirus crisis can connect you with nature - and also save on your food bill.

Growing your own food ticks so many boxes.

An environmentalist film maker has launched a new YouTube series encouraging people to grow their own food as a way of managing the coronavirus crisis.

Connecting with nature can support mental and physical health at a time when millions of people have been told to self isolate and respect social distancing of more than two metres.

Daniel Dobbie, of Love It TV, launched the series and promises to publish video updates over the next eight weeks teaching people how to grow their own food. This can also help people save money and also ensure they have some fresh herbs and vegetables in their diets.

Danial said: "The idea is: people do not have much to do at the moment; people might not have much food. People might need to get into nature. Growing your own food ticks so many boxes."

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