Stop HS2 to give nature a fighting chance

| 19th October 2020 |

Amelia Overgaard protesting HS2

'I feel I have no real choice in whether to take a step back from this campaign as my future is at risk given the climate and ecological crisis.'

Knowing that these innocent beings are impacted by human choices does not sit well with me.

HS2 Ltd continues to deforest ancient woodlands and vital farming land as we head further into the 6th mass extinction here on Earth.

Across the Warwickshire area, HS2 has land grabbed vital spaces which home a wide variety of invertebrates, mammals and plants.

Both the human and non-human population depend on vast biodiversity far and wide to ensure our survival.


David Attenborough’s most recent show, Extinction: The Facts, highlights the importance of how careful humans must be when interacting with the natural world and how damaging our actions can be.

Disturbingly, one in four native UK mammals are at imminent risk of extinction, HS2 will be driving this statistic.

When animals are forced away from their habitat they are more susceptible to increased competition, disease and lessened ability to mate.

People living locally are likely to be able to change their running or cycling track to avoid the appalling views created by HS2.

However, the birds, the bats, the badgers and all other life don’t always have that option. HS2 have taken away their homes in a blink of an eye. 


Knowing that these innocent beings are impacted by human choices does not sit well with me.

Tree protectors are facing the destruction everyday, having detrimental impacts on our mental health.

I feel I have no real choice in whether to take a step back from this campaign as my future is at risk given the climate and ecological crisis.

At 21 years old I would never have thought my life would change so drastically, from sitting in a university lecture hall to perching at the top of a beautiful Oak Tree waiting for the climbing team to come in and remove me.

I no longer fear the implications of what I do, I know I am doing the right thing - for my future and for yours. 


I just wish more people would take our hand and join us to fight against these greedy corporations and our failing government. 

It has proven during lockdown that the general public depend on natural outdoor spaces for a range of reasons, changing our relationship with nature for the better.

Connecting with the world creates a sense of belonging and peace, which cannot be replaced with modern technology.

Listening to the bird songs, gazing at the trees swaying in the wind, understanding that we are nature and nature is us.


It is imperative that we maintain our bond with nature, we cannot sacrifice these delights for a high speed train. How many more pandemics and disasters will it take for the majority to realise that humans are causing these problems? 

Our society has the choice to go green and give HS2 the red light. We have the opportunity to grow food organically and stop using consequential processes.

Local farmers whom were nurturing the soils, encouraging biodiversity and carbon retention are having the land stripped bare.

Years of hard work to restore quality agricultural production has been defaced by HS2.


UK farming is hitting a point where mass agricultural companies are sending local farmers bankrupt, whilst carelessly profiting from destruction to the environment, poor welfare standards and large quantities of waste.

We must secure the future of British farming, to lessen the chances of food shortages in the UK and around the world, whilst improving the soil and biodiversity standards. 

We cry and shed tears when the Amazon faces deforestation, when Australia is burning - our empathy must remain intact when it is the UK facing these issues. Our Amazon is dying around us, we must act on that. 

Please follow HS2 Rebellion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see how we are protecting nature on the frontline. We also really appreciate donations of food and supplies to our camps along the line! 

This Author

Amelia Overgaard has spent the last six months protesting against HS2. She tweets at @naturegaard.


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