Climate campaign launched by Youth Parliament

Young people taking part in the British Youth Council initiative have also called for more action on mental health and access to higher education.


The UK Youth Parliament has launched national campaigns calling on the government to address the climate emergency, mental health concerns and access to higher education.

The year-long campaigns are set to challenge decision makers to do more to ensure young people’s mental health is prioritised in the coming year, to create free, lifelong and inclusive higher education and lastly to stop non-essential single use plastics by 2025.

A spokesperson said: “Young people have a clear ambitious vision for our future, and it’s important decision makers take action to address our concerns as we commence our recovering from this global pandemic.


“In our vision for a better society young people have been clear they want action on the climate emergency, they wish to see young people’s mental health given the attention it deserves and a government that invests in the young people of today by providing free university education.”

Members of Youth Parliament believe the climate emergency remains one of the biggest threats to our planet. Among many other issues, members across the country have agreed plastic pollution will have a serious impact on our current and future generations.

The group of outspoken young people have stated national and local leaders in government must act to halt the impact of climate change with young people’s voices at the centre of decision making.


Mental health has remained a priority repeatedly for young people across all nations with the issue reoccurring as a top priority on six occasions within UK Youth Parliament’s annual ballot since 2011.

Research from the British Medical Journal revealed deterioration in mental health is clearest among families already struggling, reinforcing concerns from young leaders that mental health must be kept at the heart of the government’s approach to pandemic recovery.  

The UK Youth Parliament has also joined forced with other campaigners to reiterate the importance of providing free higher education in England.


The youth-led pressure group believes that university is a gateway to success in life and should be freely available to all. The campaign intends to call for reforms to access to universities to prevent young people suffering financial hardship and not reaching their full potential.

Each of the campaigns have come about following UK Youth Parliament’s annual ballot of young people across the UK.

The ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot, which was coordinated by the British Youth Council and supported by UK Parliament, concluded young people felt access to higher education should remain free as a priority.

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Brendan Montague is editor of The Ecologist. This article is based on a press release from the UK Youth Parliament.


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