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'Perspectives on a Global Green New Deal' brings together voices from around the world calling for international climate action.

The climate change story is global. Consequently, any solution must be global. 

The climate crisis is upon us. The environmental movement has for decades recognised the problem and warned of the consequences. 

The debate must now turn to solutions: global, social and economic scale responses to the climate crisis. 

The Ecologist has partnered with Dalia Gebrial, from the London School of Economics, and Harpreet Kaur Paul, a human rights activist and researcher, to publish a series of articles about one such set of solutions: international green new deals. 


The collection of writings, Perspectives on a Global Green New Deal, has been supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in London and the project began with a series of talks at The World Transformed. 

The Ecologist will publish a selection from the project throughout August, adding the links to this page as they go live. 

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The climate change story is global. Consequently, any solution must be global. 

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A ‘green new deal’ seeks to address the climate crisis through a transformative political and economic programme, through investment in public infrastructure, affordable green transport, and a shift from oligarchic energy companies to a democratic community or public ownership and investment model.

The vision of a just transition informs all green new deal proposals, and this represents a significant advance in climate thinking in the Global North, which has often approached ‘the environment’ and climate action as separated from economic and political systems. 


But event today, many proposed green new deals and their corresponding campaigns remain largely trapped within national horizons. The climate change story, however, is global. Consequently, any solution must be global. 

More than anything, a transition cannot be allowed to take place at the expense of the Global South - yet neglecting the interdependence of both the climate crisis and the responses can lead straight to green colonialism.

Perspectives on a Global Green New Deal aims to bring together the knowledge of climate activists from around the world to offer an alternative framework for the Green New Deal. 

The proposals presented goes beyond the old platitudes of “internationalism” and instead use case studies of current and proposed policies to challenge us all to think beyond our national borders.

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