Ban polystyrene chips now!

Starpac sells biodegradable 'packing peanuts'. 

Polystyrene chips damage our beautiful planet, and harm innocent animals. Year 6 students Raya and Kate want them banned.

Millions of kids around the world have ideas that need to be heard.

We have been passionate about fighting for the future of our planet and the lives of generations to come for a while now - stopping climate change and all environmental issues in their destructive tracks.

We needed to find our voices and make them heard.

Sign our petition

We thought making a petition would be a good start, but we knew that starting a petition to ‘stop climate change’ just wouldn’t work. In the end, we found our achievable goal of banning polystyrene chips - aka packing peanuts.


Companies use polystyrene chips to package delicate items to ensure customers receive their orders with no damage. In the excitement of the delivery arriving, the chips are disposed of without a second glance, being un-recyclable.

They then go on to damage our beautiful planet, and harm innocent animals.

The most outrageous part is that there are so many eco friendly alternatives, making this an easily solved problem. So why hasn’t it been changed already?

If you want to help save the planet, sign our petition!


Millions of kids around the world have ideas that need to be heard, here are some tips for young people who want to make a difference:

1. Don’t be shy! The worst that can happen is your goal being harder to achieve than you might have expected.

2. Choose something that is specific and relatively easy to change.

3. Research your topic!

4. We recommend you write a piece to make people realise how important your campaign is.

5. Be resilient! Don’t give up until you succeed!

These Authors

Raya Branford and Kate Leeming are both Year 6 pupils in London. They are passionate about taking action on climate change and environmental destruction and attended the Greta Thunberg-inspired 'school strike for climate' marches together.


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