Consumerism is global crisis

George Monbiot

George Monbiot enjoying the coastline.

George Monbiot is appearing tonight at an event co-hosted by The Ecologist on consumerism and ecological crisis. Tickets still available.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we will have a unique opportunity to acknowledge that consumerism itself is at the heart of all our global crises.

A historic opportunity to switch global economies from an orgy of consumption to a new socially and ecologically regenerative epoch is being squandered, the campaigner and commentator George Monbiot will claim.

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The environmentalist has been a leading critic of Boris Johnson’s government and of neoliberal leaderships around the world for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic and their destruction of our natural “life support systems”.

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Monbiot said: "Covid has been the all-consuming topic of 2020. As we emerge from the pandemic, we will have a unique opportunity to acknowledge that consumerism itself is at the heart of all our global crises.


"In the face of undeniable evidence that we must tackle global heating, addressing what and how much we consume is an urgent priority for individuals, corporations and governments. It is not enough to resume ‘business as usual’ – we must respond to the crisis of consumerism that threatens the planet."

He will be speaking at an online event held on Monday, 17 May 2021, by The Ecologist online, Love IT TV and Resurgence Events examining the impacts of consumption as a driver for climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse.

Brendan Montague, editor of The Ecologist, said: “Everyone concerned about the complex ecological crises we now face has to confront the question of whether consumer choices can make enough difference, or whether the profit engine of capitalism is the driving force behind climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse.


“As George Monbiot so forcefully argues, we are destroying the very natural life support systems on which we all depend. We need to have a full and frank conversation about what the real solutions are. We hope this event will form a miniscule part of that global collaboration.”

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The event, Dying from Consumption, is hosted by Love It TV in association with The Ecologist and Resurgence Events from 7pm on Monday, 17 May 2021. Tickets are available for between £10 and £25. 

Monbiot is an environmental campaigner, columnist for The Guardian newspaper and the author of many books about the environment. His next book looks at how we can feed the world without devouring the planet.

George Monbiot gave a series of talks last year connecting the dots between the climate emergency, mental health and consumerism.

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