For human health and planetary sustainability

Lily Cole, Founder, impossible at the LeWeb13 Conference at Central Hall Westminster, London.

The Festival of Wellbeing from the Resurgence Trust taking place online on 30 October 2021 will include discussions of how to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

We live in a world careless of both humanity's and the ecosystem's needs

Ann Pettifor, Lily Cole and Annie Lennox will take part in the Resurgence Trust’s annual Festival of Wellbeing, to be held online on 30 October 2021.

The trust owns and publishes The Ecologist, produces the Resurgence & Ecologist magazine as well as running The Resurgence Centre in Hartland, North Devon. The magazine has been described by The Guardian as the “spiritual and ecological flagship of the green movement”.

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Ann Pettifor, author of The Case for the Green New Deal, said: “We live in a world careless of both humanity's and the ecosystem's needs.


"Instead, it is a world focused on 'wants' – on our desires, on shopping, on more consumption, fuelling emissions. That is why we need to reorient our world to one that cares – not just for people, but for the planet. And the Resurgence event is the place for that restoration of care – and hope."

The day’s programme includes a special talk with Satish Kumar on inner transformation and outer transformation.

Caroline Lucas MP will explore how to tackle the climate and ecological emergency, singer and activist Annie Lennox will offer ways to stay on track, and Michael Morpurgo will read one of his engaging stories.

Satish Kumar, editor emeritus of Resurgence & Ecologist, said: “The event will emphasise the importance of living in harmony with nature and all beings. The event calls for a growth in human health and planetary sustainability.”

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Brendan Montague is editor of The Ecologist. This article is based on a press release from the Resurgence Trust. Book tickets for the Festival of Wellbeing now.

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