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'Seeing the impacts of Going Car Free 2022 has been truly inspiring.'

I hope, after a successful first year, we can make the Going Car Free challenge even bigger.

Throughout July close to 1,000 people across the UK gave up their car, either for key journeys or completely, thanks to the Going Car Free 2022 challenge run by climate charity Possible.

Challenges also included replacing weekly grocery shop, commute or school with a low-carbon transport alternative, going car free for an entire week or month, or simply getting a friend or neighbour to take part, will help participants tailor their experience while still providing them with a valuable challenge that can help them reevaluate their relationship with private cars.

One participant tweeted about their experience giving up their car for their 12-mile round-trip commute. They cut out a whopping 560 car miles and estimated their savings to be about £100.


Hina Bokhari, the Liberal Democrat member of the London Assembly, also voiced her support on Twitter saying that the challenge had encouraged her to learn how to cycle and had taught her the value of cycle training across London.

With transport emissions making up 27 percent of all UK greenhouse gas emissions - and cars accounting for over half of this total - we need to cut car use in order to keep ourselves in line with UK targets. 

Past studies have found that one of the most impactful actions an individual can take to reduce their climate impact is living car free.

Sandra Green, car free Birmingham campaigner at climate charity Possible, said: “Seeing the impacts of Going Car Free 2022 has been truly inspiring.


"So many people have discovered the joys of alternative ways of travelling and have realised that they simply don’t need their cars as much as they thought.

"I hope, after a successful first year, we can make the Going Car Free challenge even bigger and better so everyone can have their car-free awakening.”

Those taking part had the chance to win prizes from Brompton, Cycle Chic, Cycle Spirit Joe’s Tea Co and Kabloom (the recipients of which will be announced soon), received discount codes from Voi Technology, Co-Wheels, Enterprise Car Club, Cycle Chic, Cycle Spirit, Carry Me Bikes and Peddle My Wheels, and also got free membership to Green Squirrel’s online community The Something Club.

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Brendan Montague is editor of The Ecologist. This article is based on a press release from Possible. 

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