Schools - case studies and resources show you how to make school food, transport and curriculum more sustainable.

How to green your school

The Ecologist
| 10th February 2010
School buildings, food, waste - even the curriculum itself should all support a connection to, and appreciation for, the environment. Here are some resources to get you started

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langley academy

A school built for green education

The Ecologist
Positive TV
| 4th December 2009
The newly opened Langley science academy in Slough ticks just about every box - airy, light, modern interiors make for good learning environments, and the school building is stuffed full of eco features

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Let's make Uni Green Rally

How green is your university?

Laura Sevier
| 1st February 2009
From ‘First’ to ‘Failed’, student activist group People & Planet has created a new way of ranking the UK’s universities – according to their environmental credentials.

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