The promise of radical municipalism today

The Symbiosis Research Collective
| 25th May 2018
Loneliness, capitalist urbanisation, and ecological crisis. In this world, politics should be about bringing people together and taking control of the spaces where we live. The latest instalment from the SYMBIOSIS RESEARCH COLLECTIVE

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Green light for fracking - reasons to be cheerful?

Mark Robinson
| 21st May 2018
The brand new UK Energy policy launched late last week has explicitly resurrected fracking with planned financial and political support. Though shale gas is as controversial as it is corrosive, Greg Clark stated that its development is of ‘national importance’. MARK ROBINSON responds…

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What’s making our children sick?

Vincanne Adams
Michelle Perro
| 18th May 2018
Is modern industrial food making our children sick? Quite possibly, says paediatrician MICHELLE PERRO and medical anthropologist VINCANNE ADAMS. In their new book, What’s Making Our Children Sick? they claim there's a strong link between GMO food and failing health

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Alan Heeks

Growing old creatively - a guide for people over 64

Alan Heeks
| 18th May 2018
The self help section of your average bookshop has seen many a new addition in recent times. But among the numerous guides to happiness, mindfulness and well being, there are few titles written specifically for men. Writer ALAN HEEKS believes the men are often overlooked in this genre of books when it’s often men who need the help the most...

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Managing the uplands: the need for a fresh approach

Lois Mansfield
| 17th May 2018
The government promises a 'brighter future for farming'. This should apply to the Upland areas.
Farms here have evolved to provide a lot more than the traditional food, fibre and water. This means a new approach to land management is essential if these areas are to have real social value, argues DR LOIS MANSFIELD

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Lily Hunter Green's piano-beehive, pictured in a sunny field

Creative climate: towards an ecological theatre

Marianne Brooker
| 16th May 2018
What does it mean to create art in the context of climate crisis? How do we create sustainable, engaging, and critical performance acts and spaces? Birkbeck’s Centre for Contemporary Theatre hosted a one-day symposium to explore the connections between theatre and ecology, reports MARIANNE BROOKER

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Cases of environmental conflicts covered as displayed using the EJATLAs filter tool (see

Environmental conflicts can turn into solutions

Leah Temper
Federico Demaria
Arnim Scheidel
Daniela Del Bene
Joan Martinez Alier
| 15th May 2018
A team of researchers is tracking and trying to understand what they call the most influential movement of our time: environmentalism. They give the state of play on a global conflict that is playing out at the local level in a special feature called The EJAtlas: Ecological Distribution Conflicts as Forces for Sustainability. By LEAH TEMPER, FEDERICO DEMARIA, ARNIM SCHEIDEL, DANIELA DEL BENE and JOAN MARTINEZ-ALIER

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A quiet revolution in how farmers see their products

Peter Melchett
| 15th May 2018
The government’s consultation on future farming policy in England ended last week. Many see it as a unique opportunity to make some positive changes - not least in the provision of information about differences in quality and production systems, says PETER MELCHETT of the Soil Association

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'A rich conservationist is a rare species'

Wendyrosie Scott
| 15th May 2018
Cash for conservationism is crucial if projects are to have a meaningful, long-lasting impact. That's why the continued funding of the Whitley Awards - the so-called "green oscars" of the conservation world - is essential, says WENDYROSIE SCOTT

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Reforming the mandate for a green Bank of England

Rob Macquarie
| 15th May 2018
The total value of green bonds worldwide may be valued at $900 billion but with banks in the UK alone still making billions of pounds of loans to fossil fuel companies each year ROB MACQUARIE argues it's time for the Bank of England to take an active role in decarbonisation

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Limits to Growth

For an anti-colonial, anti-racist environmentalism

Robert Biel
| 14th May 2018
General Systems Theory can be a useful tool for understanding nature, and how society can exist in harmony of nature. The seminal book Limits to Growth used a systemic analysis - but was itself limited. Dr ROBERT BIEL examines how the systemic view can shed light on the colonial history of the North / West and the role it plays in the world's extractive present

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The power of play

11th May 2018
The need for play has never been greater - given our increasingly chaotic and stressful lives, writes AYA HUSNI BEY. Working as a counsellor for many years, she has seen how releasing the mind and engaging in true play can be transformative for those suffering from grief, anxiety and sadness

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How 'pop up' vaccine factories could help curb pandemics

Harris Makatsoris
| 10th May 2018
Virus microbes can spread further and faster than ever. Yet pharmaceutical companies are unwilling to invest in pandemic prevention. HARRIS MAKATSORIS describes an innovative new model which could identify and test vaccines at a quicker rate and distribute them within weeks

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The fight for Europe’s last wild rivers 

Alessio Perrone
| 10th May 2018
Controversial plans have been proposed to build thousands of dams in the Balkans. Campaigners fear they will destroy protected areas and national parkland. ALESSIO PERRONE reports on the issue and on the NGOs fighting to save the 'blue heart of Europe'

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How cutting carbon offers a competitive advantage to shipping companies

Dexter Galvin
| 9th May 2018
The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) recently met in London. Many thought the draft agreement of a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 doesn't go far enough to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. But DEXTER GALVIN of CDP is hopeful shipping companies will be pressured into more urgent action by their powerful commercial clients

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