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Museum of the Moon installation

Forests, creativity - and free festival tickets!

Elizabeth Wainwright
| 15th June 2018
Forests play a vital role locally and globally, and a new festival taking place this summer in the UK will creatively explore this by bringing together forests, arts, ideas and music. The Ecologist will be there, and ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT explains how you could win a family weekend ticket to be there too!

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Fat Lama website, cropped

The future of ownership: reduce, reuse… rent out?

Sasha Dovzhyk
| 26th March 2018
The environment has provided a sink for our discarded commodities for generations - but today landfill and ocean plastics show this way of living is at crisis point. So can't we just borrow stuff we only need occasionally. Fat Lama is at the cutting edge - or bleeding edge - of the new sharing economy. SASHA DOVZHYK investigates

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Setting the record straight: is streaming greener than vinyl?

Steve Watson
Duncan Oswald
| 16th March 2018
STEVE WATSON is committed to his vinyl - and excited by the resurgence among record collectors. DUNCAN OSWALD worries about the impact of producing yet more PVC records - arguing that streaming must surely be more green. To settle the debate the two environmental consultants developed a life cycle assessment comparing the resource impacts of the two audio technologies...

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Sasha with food

Can the crisis of food waste be solved with an iPhone app - or is Too Good To Go too good to be true?

Sasha Dovzhyk
| 12th February 2018
Can an iPhone App help London get cheap eats - and help reduce the tragedy of food waste? Platform capitalism has delivered cheaper cabs, cheaper places to crash and cheaper stuff. But it is often driven by venture capitalism and has a steep social cost. But not always. So is 'Too Good To Go' too good to be true? SASHA DOVZHYK, a PhD student surviving in London, investigates..

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The Small Batch Victoria Pink Gin from Gin Lane 1751 is gin.

My vegan Valentine’s

Brendan Montague
| 6th February 2018
So the love of your life went all vegan during Veganuary. And now there is just a week until you have to present them with the best of vegan gifts. But don't fear. The Ecologist is here! BRENDAN MONTAGUE breakfasts on a huge range of the best teas, chocolates and gins so you don't have to...

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A house made of wood

How I discovered that woodlands, storytelling and connection will support resilience in our challenging times

Brendan Montague
| 8th January 2018
Resilience is something of a buzzword - a necessary one in times of austerity and increased anxiety about work. BRENDAN MONTAGUE had read the literature about how being in nature, telling stories and connecting with people all increase resilience. And then he experienced it first hand when he attended a weekend workshop at Hazel Hill Woods in Salisbury. This is his story.

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Stressed? Slow your mind down in the forest

Catherine Early
| 5th January 2018
New years’ resolutions typically consist of promises to exercise more, sleep better and generally be more healthy and less stressed. As everyone returns to work this can be a real challenge. A practice originating in Japan and now being trialled by the RSPB and on Forestry Commission holidays could help you achieve all this and more. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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Amelia Womack's week without plastic

Amelia Womack
| 19th December 2017
Green party deputy leader AMELIA WOMACK tried to cut plastic out of her life after witnessing haunting images of a bird struggling because its stomach was lined with waste. But the ingrained nature of plastic in modern society made the task much harder than expected. This is her story.

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Gardening as Therapy: A moving memoir

Harriet Griffey
Culture Editor
| 20th June 2017
Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn - who said he'd never give up his allotment, whatever the outcome of the recent UK elections - knows it and so do the millions of gardeners, growers and allotmenteers who've found a deeper relationship with their own patch of land. HARRIET GRIFFEY discovers the healing power of that relationship as described in a beautifully written new memoir

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