The Ecologist Guide to Skills and Courses

The Ecologist Guide to Skills and Course

The 'Daisyworld' model is integral to Gaia theory, developed by Dr James Lovelock, which proposes that organisms interact with their surroundings to form a complex, self-regulating system. Photo: Gordon Robertson via Flickr (CC BY).

Educating for Gaia: a wholistic approach to Earth science

Dr Stephen Harding
| 28th April 2016
As a society, we are strangely disconnected from the Earth, writes Stephan Harding. It's as if we were aliens placed here to prod and poke with our scientific instruments whilst feeling no sense of meaning, belonging or closeness to her ancient crumpled surface or rich, teeming biodiversity - a state of mind that a forthcoming course at Schumacher College aims to reverse.

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30th January 2012
Thinking about a career in environmental conservation?

Study for a qualification with the University of Oxford, Continuing Professional Development Centre.

Acquire the skills and confidence to make it happen.

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