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Richie Hawtin DJ

Q&A: Green DJ Richie Hawtin

Victoria Aitken
| 23rd June 2011
From dispensing with plastic CD cases to finding creative ways to reduce his carbon footprint, Richie Hawtin is blazing a green trail in the music industry. Victoria Aitken caught up with him for a chat

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Q&A: Helena Norberg-Hodge

Jemima Roberts
| 2nd March 2011
Filmmaker, campaigner and environmental pioneer Helena Norberg-Hodge talks to Jemima Roberts about her latest film - The Economics of Happiness - the damage globalisation is doing, and what can be done to counter it

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Q&A: Ben Southall

Ruth Styles
| 2nd February 2011
He’s been a charity fundraiser and is now a fully-fledged adventurer. But is ‘Best Job in the World’s’ Ben Southall about to add eco-warrior to his CV? Ruth Styles met him to find out

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