• A bird

    How can environmental activists use social media? Part 1

    Alessio Perrone
    | 18th June 2018
    Environmental activists and NGOs spend a considerable amount of time Facebook posting and Tweeting. But the best use of social networks is about what you want to achieve. ALESSIO PERRONE spoke to some experts in the field and gives some tips about how to use platforms successfully to promote social change

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  • Community action to remember those killed in the oil-rich region of Casanare, Colombia. Unique cards bear the names and dates of those killed. ​

    To me, being a mum means fighting for oil justice

    Helena Coates
    | 13th June 2018
    Frack Free Greater Manchester campaigners joined human rights defenders from as far as Argentina and Colombia in May to protest outside British Petroleum (BP)’s first ever shareholder meeting in Manchester, UK. HELENA COATES - a local resident - environmental campaigner and mum of two, explains why she took part

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  • Smog

    Brexit bill will 'rip the heart out of environmental protections'

    Keith Taylor MEP
    | 11th June 2018
    An amendment to the Withdrawal Bill will be debated in the House of Commons tomorrow aimed at addressing two glaring omissions from the proposed legislation - the precautionary and polluter pays principles. If MPs fail to vote for the change, the Bill will rip the heart out of the UK's environmental protections, warns Green MEP Keith Taylor

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  • A green Karl Marx

    Karl Marx was deeply committed to ecology? Really???

    Professor Ted Benton
    | 11th June 2018
    Discussion of Karl Marx’s continuing relevance was on his recent 200th birthday still dominated by 'traditional' understandings of Marxism. TED BENTON, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Essex, argues that sadly, there was little – far too little – on Marx’s thinking on the relations between humans and nature

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  • Berta Caceres was murdered in her struggle for environmental justice

    How the environmental justice movement transforms our world

    | 5th June 2018
    Today is World Environment Day. Environmental conflicts should not be seen as disruptions to smooth governance, fixable with market solutions, technology or police bullets. People are expressing grievances, aspirations and political demands. They should not be repressed. They lead us to a better world for all, argue a team of academics working together as ENVJUSTICE.

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  • Has tourism in Thailand reached a tipping point?

    Robyn Wilson
    | 1st June 2018
    Maya beach - made famous by Danny Boyle’s 2000 film, The Beach - is due to close today because of the wreckage tourism has made of the area. ROBYN WILSON asks, is Thailand's expanding tourism sector pushing its environment to the point of no return?

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  • Man with crowds

    Defending democracy in Brazil means demanding Lula da Silva’s freedom

    Lucia Ortiz
    | 31st May 2018
    Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva - Brazil’s former president - has been imprisoned for corruption. International legal experts have condemned Lula’s incarceration as unlawful and unconstitutional. LUCIA ORTIZ from Friends of the Earth Brazil argues the corruption claims are trumped up as part of a right wing attack on human rights and grassroots movements

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  • Ada Colau Ballano

    Why Podemos and els Comuns have so far failed the Catalan fight

    Luke Stobart
    | 30th May 2018
    Progressive environmental and social policies have been won in Barcelona and across Catalonia. This has led activists around the world to examine Spanish grassroots movements. LUKE STOBART, who is researching a book for Verso on the new politics, warns that hard lessons do have to be learned

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  • A huge beef farm

    Revealed: industrial-scale beef farming comes to the UK

    Andrew Wasley
    Heather Kroeker
    | 29th May 2018
    The Bureau of Investigative Journalism report published today reveals industrial scale beef farming is now a 'fact on the ground' across the UK. The new farms raise concerns about animal welfare and health. ANDREW WASLEY and HEATHER KROEKER from the Bureau report

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