• Bags of coffee beans

    An open letter to UTZ and Rainforest Alliance

    Mackenzie Denyer
    Clare Carlile
    Brendan Montague
    | 23rd July 2018
    An open letter to the newly merged ethical certification standards, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, urging them to maintain and improve on their certification criteria as they develop their new standard, from MACKENZIE DENYER, CLARE CARLILE and BRENDAN MONTAGUE

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  • Inspiring hope for an effective climate campaign

    Tim Root
    | 20th July 2018
    The long summer drought in the UK gives as a glimpse of what climate change could deliver. Yet the country seems utterly distracted by Brexit. And people have little faith in the UK government or the European Union to deliver on the Paris Accord. Perhaps it's time we took matters into our own hands, argues TIM ROOT

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  • Donald Trump being Donald Trump

    Trump's attempt to repeal Obama-era conservation efforts

    Emily Folk
    | 29th June 2018
    President Donald Trump has worked relentlessly to undo environmental and conservation policies from the Obama Administration. Trump will travel to the UK next month, with a mass demonstration planned to meet him. Environmentalists have plenty of reasons to attend. EMILY FOLK provides a run down

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  • Heathrow

    Locking-on to London Heathrow Airport: lessons from the past?

    Maxine Newlands
    | 26th June 2018
    The decision by MPs to support the Conservative government in allowing the third runway to go ahead has angered and dismayed all those concerned about climate change. It follows decades of debate and campaigning. MAXINE NEWLANDS looks at why the Heathrow climate camp in 2007 was so important in the history of the UK environmental activism.

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  • A bird

    How can environmental activists use social media? Part 1

    Alessio Perrone
    | 18th June 2018
    Environmental activists and NGOs spend a considerable amount of time Facebook posting and Tweeting. But the best use of social networks is about what you want to achieve. ALESSIO PERRONE spoke to some experts in the field and gives some tips about how to use platforms successfully to promote social change

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  • Community action to remember those killed in the oil-rich region of Casanare, Colombia. Unique cards bear the names and dates of those killed. ​

    To me, being a mum means fighting for oil justice

    Helena Coates
    | 13th June 2018
    Frack Free Greater Manchester campaigners joined human rights defenders from as far as Argentina and Colombia in May to protest outside British Petroleum (BP)’s first ever shareholder meeting in Manchester, UK. HELENA COATES - a local resident - environmental campaigner and mum of two, explains why she took part

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