Hawaii bans use of harmful pesticide

Christopher Pala
| 18th June 2018
The government of Hawaii - once a defender of the GM corn industry - has passed a law that forces agro-chemical companies to disclose what pesticides they spray. It has also become the first US state to ban the chlorpyrifos, which has been linked to brain damage in babies. Christopher Pala reports

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Badger baiting network exposed by BBC Wales investigation

Catherine Harte
| 8th June 2018
Badger baiting is as popular as ever - and the true scale of the crime remains unknown, according to an investigation by BBC Wales. The Investigates programme infiltrated a gang over a six month period to expose its cruel and illegal activity, writes CATHERINE HARTE

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Tiny cow

The under-reported ecological disaster of meat

Julian Vigo
| 4th June 2018
Meat production is the elephant in the room when it comes to addressing the major threats to environmental sustainability. Going vegan seems like biting off more than you can chew for many campaigning charities. But DR JULIAN VIGO argues that now we must take the bull by the horns...

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World’s largest amphibian heading for extinction

Catherine Harte
| 4th June 2018
Overharvesting for the luxury food market is pushing the iconic Chinese giant salamander to the brink. The future of the world’s largest amphibian is in serious jeopardy unless coordinated conservation measures are put in place. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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Has tourism in Thailand reached a tipping point?

Robyn Wilson
| 1st June 2018
Maya beach - made famous by Danny Boyle’s 2000 film, The Beach - is due to close today because of the wreckage tourism has made of the area. ROBYN WILSON asks, is Thailand's expanding tourism sector pushing its environment to the point of no return?

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Gillian Burke supports 30 Days Wild

Stars of stage and screen back national nature challenge 30 Days Wild

Brendan Montague
| 31st May 2018
The Wildlife Trusts’ month-long national nature challenge begins on Friday, 1 June 2018. An estimated 250,000 people took part last year, pledging to do something wild every day throughout the month. Already 54,500 people, schools and workplaces have signed up throughout the UK. BRENDAN MONTAGUE reports

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Ada Colau Ballano

Why Podemos and els Comuns have so far failed the Catalan fight

Luke Stobart
| 30th May 2018
Progressive environmental and social policies have been won in Barcelona and across Catalonia. This has led activists around the world to examine Spanish grassroots movements. LUKE STOBART, who is researching a book for Verso on the new politics, warns that hard lessons do have to be learned

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A huge beef farm

Revealed: industrial-scale beef farming comes to the UK

Andrew Wasley
Heather Kroeker
| 29th May 2018
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism report published today reveals industrial scale beef farming is now a 'fact on the ground' across the UK. The new farms raise concerns about animal welfare and health. ANDREW WASLEY and HEATHER KROEKER from the Bureau report

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Special Investigation Part II: How the common agricultural policy promotes pollution

Special Investigation
| 24th May 2018
Brexit will result in Britain exiting the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy. It will have to decide whether subsidies to farmers should be retained, or reformed. In the second part of this groundbreaking investigation a team of investigative journalists from across Europe - publishing with THE ECOLOGIST - assess how effective the environmental mechanisms of CAP really are.

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