The Brofiscin Monsanto Files

The Monsanto Files

Ecologsit Monsanto Files

The Orginal Monsanto Files issue of the Ecologist September/October 1998

18th February 2011
A selection of articles critical of agri-business giant, Monsanto, and its environmental record. The Ecologist magazine’s printing firm at the time, Penwells, feared libel litigation from Monsanto and pulped the 14,000 copies of the edition. The edition was eventually printed by a small London printer and went on to become the biggest-selling issue of the Ecologist ever. Includes and article by HRH the Prince of Wales

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The Brofiscin saga

Jon Hughes
| 10th January 2008
The answer to the ongoing Brofiscin saga lies not in the South Wales Quarry but in Doncaster. Jon Hughes explains the complex legal judgement that has paralysed the Environment Agency and undermined its raison d’etre; to make the polluter pay

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Ecologist June 2007

Silenced witness

Jon Hughes
| 30th November 2007
Following last month's exclusive Ecologist investigation, Burying the truth, the Douglas Gowan story continues...

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Open letter from Douglas Gowan

Douglas Gowan
| 16th August 2007
In an open letter to the Ecologist, Douglas Gowan has detailed a two-year smear campaign waged against him in the Seventies by Monsanto, details of which were known to the Agency and were only revealed when Gowan submitted a Freedom of Information request. Who was it protecting?

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