Climate Change

Exclusive environmental investigations and films on the impacts of climate change and global warming on the world and human society


Himalayan glaciers are 'not just melting, they are dying'

Jonathan Mitchell
| 13th July 2011
Many glaciers are melting away at a rapid rate. This could have serious consequences for half a billion people who depend on the ‘eternal snows’ to water their crops and for drinking. But as Jonathan Mitchell reports from Nepal, not everyone appears concerned

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Dumper truck on tar sands road

Have greens got it wrong about tar sands?

David Strahan
| 8th December 2009
For environmentalists, tar sands are a 'climate crime'; for peak oil experts, they can never do the job of ordinary crude. But neither critique tells the full story: that exploiting tar sands may worsen both the climate crisis, and the energy crisis...

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Carteret Evacuation

The first climate evacuation: what have we learned?

Dan Box
| 28th July 2009
Earlier this year, journalist Dan Box won recognition from environmentalist George Monbiot for documenting the world's first climate change evacuation, of the Carteret islands in the South Pacific. Now, he returns to his experiences to ask if this is the first evacuation of many, how should we do it in future?

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A green building debate

Mark Hoare
Bill Dunster
| 1st June 2009
Two views on form and function in the green building debate that must be sensitive to the local environment and responsive to the local character, cultural diversity and ecology of its place without diluting its uniqueness.

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Homes for change

Homes for climate change

Susan Roaf
| 1st June 2009
Building a more sustainable future is vital if our societies are to survive in a post-fossil-fuel future – but, argues Susan Roaf, the way we build must itself first change

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Why most of the major powers really want global warming

David Lempert
Hue Nhu Nguyen
| 12th February 2009
If you read the international press, it is easy to be convinced that the international ‘debate’ about global warming is about whether international organisations and country governments are able to ‘wake up’ to alarming news about the future of the planet.

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The world's first environmental refugees

Dan McDougall
| 30th January 2009
The disappearance of Lohachara beneath the waters of the Bay of Bengal created the world’s first environmental refugees. Dan McDougall reports on other islanders in the Sundarbans delta who have no escape from the rising ocean. Photography by Robin Hammond

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