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Green medicine

Can the NHS ever be green?

Delny Britton
| 27th April 2011
Delny Britton investigates the hidden impacts of western mainstream medicine - including pollution from pharmaceutical products, high carbon emissions and adverse drug reactions - and asks whether the healthcare sector can ever be truly sustainable

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fish oil capsules spilling from a vitamin pill bottle

How long until health foods become illegal?

Chris Milton
| 23rd March 2010
A huge number of UK citizens take food supplements or buy health food products, yet new legislation threatens to either remove these items from our shelves, restrict their dosages or ban them from making any health claims

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Child with mobile phone

Mobile phones and health: what do we know?

Yanar Alkayat
| 21st July 2009
In a matter of months, an Irish mobile network will launch 'Firefly' - the mobile phone for kids. With even official Government advice against such a move, Yanar Alkayat takes a timely look at what we know for certain about mobile phones and health

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Drugs on tap

John Naish
| 30th April 2009
Britain has a serious and unnecessary drug habit, but the implications of our pill-forevery-ill culture go far beyond the adverse effects on human health. The complex chemicals in modern pharmaceuticals, as well as the manufacturing processes involved, leave a massive industrial footprint on the natural world that is largely ignored by both science and government.

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Making Sense of Swine Flu

Pat Thomas
| 1st April 2009
In the last few years the Ecologist has written extensively on the flu – both the garden variety that strikes us on an annual basis and the wider threat of avian influenza, H5N1.

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Animal Testing: Science or Fiction?

Kathy Archibald
| 24th March 2009
MPs, medical professionals and scientists unite in demanding a thorough evaluation of the utility of vivisection. By Kathy Archibald, Science Director of Europeans for Medical Progress

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10 things you didn't know about bird flu

Dr Michael Greger
| 4th February 2009
A dose of flu in winter is as inevitable as a broken boiler – and usually as harmless. But as public health expert Dr Michael Greger explains, intensive farming of animals around the globe may mean we are hatching out an influenza timebomb

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Oops, wrong brain

John Naish
| 28th January 2009
What on earth are we thinking when we go into shops and buy lots of pointless stuff we just don’t need? John Naish says it’s not so much what’s on our minds, but which brain we use when we spend

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Teflon Out of the Frying Pan

Pat Thomas
| 8th December 2008
Credited in the Guiness book of records as the world's most slippery substance, Teflon has escaped the scrutiny of environmental regulators for 50 years. Now evidence suggests that the chemicals that leak from the Teflon pans during cooking may be more harmful to the environment and human health that DDT

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Eric Francis
| 1st October 2008
Environmental toxins have given us lesbian seagulls and transgender crabs, but pollutants may also be causing gender ambiguity in humans, says Eric Francis

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As green as gold?

Phil Moore
| 25th September 2008
Environmental group Global Response has challenged Wal-Mart’s claim that their Love, Earth jewelery is ‘committed to protecting the environment’.

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Hell for leather

Jim Wickens
| 1st June 2008
Must-have handbags? shoes to die for? From cheap trinkets to luxury car interiors, Jim Wickens discovers the startling facts behind what we buy into when we buy leather goods.

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Profitable Pollutants

The Ecologist
| 15th May 2008
It usually takes a major public health crisis to remove profitable toxins completely from marketplace. In the meantime most of us continue to be exposed to a variety of profitable poisons, including:

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The safer cigarette

Devra Davis
| 15th May 2008
What do government and industry do when something is toxic but massively profitable? Most of the time, says Devra Davis, they just invest in better class of PR…

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