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Coral reef

Bonaire: the last healthy coral reef in the Caribbean

Chris Pala
| 4th January 2011
Over the past 30 years, the Caribbean’s corals have been decimated by overfishing, disease and pollution. Last Summer’s heat spell raises the question: can the remaining corals survive global warming? The answer may lie in Bonaire, home to the region’s healthiest corals

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Will historic deal to protect Canada's mighty boreal forest work?

Christopher Pala
| 26th October 2010
The unprecedented Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement will, if all goes to plan, preserve vast swathes of the country's pristine wilderness. But as environmentalists and the logging industry begin to roll the initiative out, there are claims that not everything is as it should be, reports Christopher Pala

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North Sea Trawler

How can we have fish tomorrow? Ask the past

Anthony King
| 5th January 2010
Dismissed initially as a good storyteller but nothing more, environmental historian Poul Holm has mapped the history of marine animals in such detail that it is having profound impacts on our current understanding of the oceans

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