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Caroline Lucas

Where next for the Greens?

Bibi van der Zee
| 28th May 2012
After some of the biggest breakthroughs in their history, the Green Party now faces a leadership election so what happens now? Are the Greens ready to take the next big leap forward, asks Bibi van der Zee

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Climate change protest

Where next for eco-activism in the UK?

Bibi van der Zee
| 6th July 2011
After the failure of the Copenhagen climate talks, the undercover police scandal, the disbanding of Climate Camp - and the sudden rise of UK Uncut - Bibi van der Zee takes the temperature of Britain's green activism movement

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bush meat

Special report: Horrific bush-meat trade stalks Guinea-Bissau

Dawn Starin
| 29th September 2010
In a remarkable and harrowing dispatch from Guinea-Bissau, Dawn Starin reports how logging, mining and agriculture are opening up the country's once intact forests to the ravages of the growing bush-meat trade, threatening some of the country's most enigmatic monkey species

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Copper mine workers at NFC Africa Mining shaft in Chimbishi

Conned for her copper: Zambia pays the price for aid

Khadija Sharife
| 29th September 2009
Copper underwires the modern world, running through everything from the gas guzzler to the wind turbine. Any country that finds substantial reserves of the metal ought to consider itself to have struck gold. That is, until you let the World Bank decide how your mines should be run…

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The dangers of e-waste

Dr Keith Baker
| 4th June 2009
In February 2009 the Environment Agency began its first prosecution against an individual for an e-waste crime, and claims to have prevented 33 shipments in the previous six months.

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