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Roadside camp in Mato Grosso, Brazil

The human cost of 'super-clean' sugar ethanol

Ella Windsor
| 2nd March 2010
Brazil is hailed as a biofuels success story - producing and using ethanol from high yielding crops within the country. But those indigenous families who have been displaced by sugar cane cultivation see things differently

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Can space tourism be green?

Paul Miles
| 2nd April 2009
As adventure tourism exhausts its possibilities, what next?… A look at why we travel, its environmental impact, and where our final destination might be

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Visionaries: Duane Elgin

The Ecologist
| 1st April 2009
Duane Elgin is a self-described ‘evolutionary activist’ who, since the 1960s, has explored the practical and philosophical meaning of simplicity.

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Composting under fire

Anne Barr
| 28th March 2009
Next time you grumble that it's too much effort to seperate you plastic from your cans, imagine doing it as the bullets are flying over head

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Ecologist Visionaries

The Visionaries

The Ecologist
| 20th March 2009
Mark Anslow, Laura Sevier, Dan Box and Matilda Lee profile 10 visionaries with 10 big ideas for a better world.

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