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Horticulutre Special Report

Who is picking our food?

The Ecologist
| 21st December 2012
Read our groundbreaking series on the hidden stories behind some of those harvesting the fruit and vegetables - and other staples - we eat everyday, both in the UK and internationally

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Maternity special

How birth was hijacked

The Ecologist
| 21st December 2012
Read the Ecologist's influential - and controversial - special report on the maternity care crisis, examining some of the ways to overcome the culture of fear facing mothers-to-be

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Acacia tree in the desert

The Great Green Wall

Bobby Bascomb
| 12th July 2012
Africa’s answer to climate change is a proposed 4,000-mile long, nine mile wide wall of trees stretching from Senegal to Djibouti. Designed to stop encroaching desertification, some interpret the project (and its benefits) literally whilst others see it as more of a metaphor. Despite this split, the project is now taking root in Senegal where they have already planted 50,000 acres of trees.

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Drilling equipment

UK shale gas boom 'may be dirtier than coal'

Tom Levitt
| 13th April 2011
Despite outrage in the US over ‘fracturing’ techniques used to extract shale gas and new evidence its greenhouse gas footprint may be higher than that of coal, the UK has given the go-ahead to companies here to begin drilling. Tom Levitt reports from the centre of this potential unconventional gas boom near Blackpool

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Undercover investigation:The shocking cost of US 'mega-dairies'

Jim Wickens
| 21st September 2010
With planning permission for Britain's biggest dairy at Nocton about to be re-submitted, The Ecologist travels to California to examine intensive milk production - and finds factory farms, conflict, intimidation, pesticides, pollution and small-scale farmers driven out of business...

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An overview of the Vedanta refinery in Lanjigarh, Orrisa. Sanjit Das/ActionAid

UK companies linked to devastating Indian mine

Andrew Wasley
| 19th June 2009
Plans to bulldoze an Indian mountain sacred to local people were controversial enough... before shareholder data revealed that a raft of UK household names, ranging from Jaguar cars to the Church of England, own shares in the company behind the mine, Vedanta Resources plc. Andrew Wasley reports

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Drugs on tap

Drugs on tap

John Naish
| 1st May 2009
Taking a pill for a headache may seem like the most natural thing in the world, but prescription drugs are forcing their way into every corner of our lives and environment, says John Naish

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Biofuels 2.0

Helena Paul
| 1st February 2009
A new generation of biofuels is poised to come into the market. Grown on unused, ‘marginal’ land they won’t compete for our food crops. But just where exactly is all this marginal land, and whose backyard might it be? Helena Paul reports

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Hell for leather

Jim Wickens
| 1st June 2008
Must-have handbags? shoes to die for? From cheap trinkets to luxury car interiors, Jim Wickens discovers the startling facts behind what we buy into when we buy leather goods.

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Breastmilk vs 'formula' food

Pat Thomas
| 1st April 2006
Humans have been breastfeeding for nearly half a million years. It’s only in the last 60 years that we have begun to give babies highly processed convenience food called ‘formula’. Pat Thomas investigates

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