Waste and Recycling

Exclusive environmental investigations and films on waste and recycling issues, including closed loop processes, reuse, remanufacturing, and repurposing materials, as well as the environmental impacts of waste disposal, landfill and incineration

Revealed: scandal of Roma people forced to scavenge toxic e-waste

Carolyn Lebel
| 12th October 2010
In the wake of President Sarkozy's crackdown on the Roma people, an Ecologist investigation uncovers how poverty and discrimination are forcing persecuted communities to scratch a living recycling France's growing mountain of e-waste - potentially threatening health and raising questions over the effectiveness of waste policies

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A gas gauge in a meadow in FreshKills park

Can a landfill site ever return to nature?

Nick Kimbrell
| 6th July 2010
One of the biggest landfill sites in the US is in the process of becoming a nature reserve and a recreation ground. Is this just papering over the cracks, or can our rubbish heaps really turn into something beautiful?

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Tetrapak cartons

How green are tetrapak food cartons?

Emilie Filou
| 19th January 2010
They're becoming more and more common - wrapped around everything from milk to chickpeas. But just how environmentally friendly are composite cartons compared to the good, old-fashioned tin or jar?

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Food waste: valuable stuff

Biogas: is your council about to waste your waste?

David Strahan
| 4th August 2009
Biogas - a methane-rich fuel made from rotting food waste or sewage - has huge potential as a clean, green fuel for the UK. But a perverse web of subsidies, rules and contracts could mean UK councils are about to kiss goodbye to the real power of waste...

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Daisy Dumas
| 7th February 2008
Plastic rubbish gets tossed away in far-off places that we rarely get to see. Daisy Dumas assesses its impact on the world's largest floating landfill.

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Bin your bin

Jon Hughes
| 1st July 2006
If you don't want an incinerator near you, you are either going to have to move to a rich neighbourhood or bin your bin...

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