Forestry school participants

Climate smart forestry

Andrew Weatherall
| 24th May 2019
The National School of Forestry is participating in Timber Festival to foster greater public awareness of how sustainable forest management defends our living planet.

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Scenic train

Staying grounded

Sarah Barfield Marks
| 23rd May 2019
Climate Perks enables employers to offer paid ‘journey days’ to empower staff to choose low-carbon holiday travel.

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Greta Thunberg

Brilliant Minds?

Felix Marquardt
| 23rd May 2019
Brilliant Mind's “Fluxability Quotient” conference in Stockholm is a dangerous mix of cliches and verbiage. Greta Thunberg should ditch it.

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Biomass harvest

The bioenergy delusion

Katja Garson
| 21st May 2019
Replacing fossil fuels with bioenergy only takes us backwards, continuing our addiction to burning and extraction, and causing extensive ecological damage.

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