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A climate of inequity

Mara Hvistendahl
| 11th October 2007
While governments argue over responsibility for global warming, development experts are thinking about the humanitarian consequences for the world’s poor. Mara Hvistendahl reports from the United Nations.

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Zac, the Prince, and the eco-cars

Rosalie Portman
| 6th June 2007
On Monday, Zac Goldsmith and Prince Charles test drove a series of environmentally friendly vehicles at an event arranged by Revolve, a charity which promotes sustainable transport.

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A brown tree snake

Anthony Wall
| 1st February 2006
At dead of night, unseen, a slithering stowaway disembarks from a newly docked ship… down a rope, across the quay and into concealing undergrowth. Is that what happened? Or did the snake hitch a ride on a military aircraft from Indonesia, maybe, to take up residence here on the American island of Guam in the Pacific?

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A false sense of security

Peter Bunyard
| 1st February 2004
We are all aware that the weather is never quite the same from one year to the next. That is all part of the natural variability of climate. It is the task of climatologists to tease out any change to climate, such as global warming, from all that variability.

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Your country needs you

Derrick Jensen
| 1st June 2003
Does it annoy you that the earth is being destroyed to benefit a tiny minority? Enough to do something about it? Derrick Jensen invites you to join him on the barricades

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A better kind of justice

Nandor Tanczos
| 13th June 2000
Nandor Tanczos thinks the modern legal system could learn a lot from traditional ideas of justice, such as those of the Maori people

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