Real Farming Report - Whose seeds are they anyway?

Kathryn Hindess
| 6th January 2016
The new People Need Nature report - published to coincide with this week's annual Oxford Real Farming Conference - warns that modern farming practices are not good for wildlife. But they're not good for humans either. And with predictions that we will need to produce 70 per cent more food to feed a third more mouths by 2050 the question of seed ownership and diversity cannot be ignored. KATHRYN HINDESS reports

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Making Sense of Swine Flu

Pat Thomas
| 1st April 2009
In the last few years the Ecologist has written extensively on the flu – both the garden variety that strikes us on an annual basis and the wider threat of avian influenza, H5N1.

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A global land-grab

Martin Large
Neil Ravenscroft
| 16th March 2009
Wealthy countries and agribusiness want farmland, poorer countries need capital – but what happens to the locals? By Martin Large and Neil Ravenscroft

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Why most of the major powers really want global warming

David Lempert
Hue Nhu Nguyen
| 12th February 2009
If you read the international press, it is easy to be convinced that the international ‘debate’ about global warming is about whether international organisations and country governments are able to ‘wake up’ to alarming news about the future of the planet.

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The War on Bugs by Will Allen

Phil Moore
| 26th November 2008
The history of humankind might also be said to be the history of warfare. From Roman times to the present day, human conflict has been the hallmark of our historical progression. But the fight against ourselves isn’t the only war we’ve embarked upon.

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A meaty issue

Simon Fairlie
| 1st October 2008
Our excessive appetite for meat is taking a heavy toll on the planet, but as Simon Fairlie explains, the arguments used to depict omnivores as environmental super-villains are far too simplistic.

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Moth balls

Claire Robinson
| 1st September 2008
Is the light brown apple moth such a danger to crops both agricultural and financial that the US government will risk the health of its citizens to eradicate it? They spray, you pay, warns Claire Robinson

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All hands to the plough

Ed Hamer
| 7th August 2008
The community supports the farmer and the farmer supports the community. Why isn't everyone taking part in the latest agricultural revolution, wonders Ed Hamer

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Drizzle with care

Laura Sevier
| 7th August 2008
With vast areas decimated by industrial farming, the salad days are over for mass-produced olive oil. Laura Sevier looks at the effect its rise in popularity has had on the European landscape, and at some more sustainable brands.

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Fallow and fertile

Ed Hamer
| 20th June 2008
Ed Hamer questions the sanity of agricultural policies that increasingly threaten the sovereignty of the British farmer, as well as the food security of the nation

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Bananas: from plantation to plate

Ed Hamer
| 2nd June 2008
What could be more cheerful than this ubiquitous breakfast fruit? But if you’re not buying them Fairtrade and organic, argues Ed Hamer, then you’re buying into a modern agricultural scandal

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