Baby Boomers

Alan Heeks

Growing old creatively - a guide for people over 64

Alan Heeks
| 18th May 2018
The self help section of your average bookshop has seen many a new addition in recent times. But among the numerous guides to happiness, mindfulness and well being, there are few titles written specifically for men. Writer ALAN HEEKS believes the men are often overlooked in this genre of books when it’s often men who need the help the most...

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Talking about the Why Generation

Ed Hamer
Jon Hughes
| 1st February 2008
February 1968. From South Vietnam the explosive Teêt Offensive has dealt a final blow to shattered US troops and sparked a worldwide appetite for insurrection. Left destitute by standards of living and provoked by a three-year war on their ideological comrades, student leaders across Europe rise up with a single voice ‘We shall fight. We will win. Paris, London, Rome, Berlin.’ Within six weeks, 20,000 protesters will besiege the American embassy in London’s Grosvenor Square. It is the Spring of Discontent, and revolution is the air.

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