badger cull

Gertie's Story: the resilience of wildlife

Lesley Docksey
| 27th June 2016
Anti badger culling campaigner Lesley Docksey tells a very personal story of her relationship with the badgers that live near to her home and come there to feed including one that miraculously survived the cruelty of a snare trap

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Would you buy popcorn from Owen Paterson? And no, it's not GM. With Joe & Sephs Gourmet Popcorn. Photo: UKTI via

Owen Paterson: Europe must embrace GM

Fiona Harvey
The Guardian
| 7th January 2014
Europe is likely to become ''the museum of world farming'' because of the failure to embrace GMOs, UK environment secretary Owen Paterson said today. Fiona Harvey reports ...

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European badger in its native habitat. Photo: Volodymyr Burdiak /

The Badger cull - a letter to my MP

Lesley Docksey
| 9th December 2013
MPs will debate the badger cull this Wednesday 11 December from 2.30 to 4.30 pm. Lesley Docksey urges her MP to attend and explains why the cull is both barbaric, and a completely ineffective measure against bovine TB.

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Badgers By Numbers

Lesley Docksey
| 18th October 2013
In her third and final analysis of the ongoing UK badger cull Lesley Docksey examines the official figures and finds their validity questionable......

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Badgers, Power & Protest

Lesley Docksey
| 16th October 2013
In the second of a three part analysis of the ongoing UK badger cull Lesley Docksey takes a look at the activism that has been stirred up by the controversial cull......

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Badgers: the truth behind the cull

Dominic Dyer
| 12th August 2013
Of 5,500 badgers to be shot during the pilot culls, only 240 will be independently monitored for humaneness, it has emerged. And just 4 Natural England officials will oversee the killing in Gloucestershire and Somerset

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