Save the Co-op Bank!

Oliver Tickell
| 1st November 2013
A campaign has been launched to force the UK's Co-operative Bank to retain its ethical and green principles - in the face of a hostile takeover by hedge funds and financial speculators.

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Struggling for Éire

Molly Scott Cato
| 11th May 2009
If it is not to be choked by debt and taxes, Ireland must return to the self-sufficient, localised vision of one of its founding fathers

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Visionaries: Bill Drayton

The Ecologist
| 1st April 2009
Bill Drayton is a slight, eager man who straddles worlds. He knows his stuff, having graduated from Harvard, Oxford and Yale, and has a theory of everything.

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The money pit

James Bruges
| 7th August 2008
Commercial banks should be forbidden from creating ‘virtual’ money, argues James Bruges – our debt-and-interest economies can only lead to collapse or war.

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