Priorities for the marine environment after Brexit

Dr Abigail McQuatters-Gollop
| 15th June 2018
The decision to leave the EU will have a major impact on environmental policy and legislation. How this will apply to the marine environment remains an issue of great debate. The British Ecological Society and Marine Biological Association came together to discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from Brexit. Dr ABIGAL McQUATTERS-GOLLOP provides a summary of the findings

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Brexit bill will 'rip the heart out of environmental protections'

Keith Taylor MEP
| 11th June 2018
An amendment to the Withdrawal Bill will be debated in the House of Commons tomorrow aimed at addressing two glaring omissions from the proposed legislation - the precautionary and polluter pays principles. If MPs fail to vote for the change, the Bill will rip the heart out of the UK's environmental protections, warns Green MEP Keith Taylor

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Getting the best Brexit deal for farm animals

Catherine Harte
| 26th March 2018
Today, 80 percent of current animal welfare legislation comes from EU law. But animal charities are concerned that post-Brexit new trade agreements could be made with countries with lower standards. The RSPCA is calling for the government to use Brexit as an opportunity to incentivise famers to increase their levels of animal welfare. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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VIDEO: What will Brexit mean for the environment?

Craig Bennett
| 19th March 2018
CRAIG BENNETT, the chief executive of Friends of the Earth, is a self styled “hard remainer”. Craig led the environment charity's campaign to stay in the European Union. He argues leaving the EU poses a tremendous threat, not only to current environmental protections but also to any future legislation needed to tackle new challenges

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