Anti-logging protestors from Greenpeace Poland

Campaigners hail 'huge victory' for forest defenders

Catherine Early
| 17th April 2018
The European Union's top court ruled today that increased logging in Białowieża broke EU nature laws. The Polish government must now reverse decisions that allowed logging, or face fines of up to tens of millions of euros. CATHERINE EARLY reports

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Fenced in by eucalyptus

Biomass: The Chain of Destruction

Almuth Ernsting
| 9th November 2013
Biomass electricity in the UK = clear-cutting of ancient swamp forests + bulldozing of traditional communities' lands + deprived UK communities bearing the brunt of toxic emissions.

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The Prince's Rainforest Project says Yes We Can

Damian Tow
| 7th May 2009
So what connects Prince Charles and a large green frog? This modern spin on the fable of the frog and the Prince relates to the launch on 5th May of an online video and social networking campaign in support of the Prince’s Rainforest Project (PRP).

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What does it take?

Phil Thornhill
| 4th December 2008
The Campaign against Climate Change aims to bring people together both in the UK and around the world to produce the biggest, most visible and loudest possible demand for urgent, radical and resolute action on climate – both from our own government here in the UK and from the nations of the world acting together.

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Climate SOS.jpg

Climate Camp Is Back

Joss Garman
| 20th June 2008
It provoked an absolute storm. CNN’s ticker screamed that Britain was ‘under siege’ from environmental activists. Sky News dubbed it ‘the world’s most organised protest’ and the New Statesman ‘the most important protest of our time’

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News web pic 2_218.jpg

Plane Stupid protestors board Airbus barge

13th August 2007
Having been banned from the fields of Heathrow by a court injunction last week, protest group Plane Stupid have set up their own climate camp – under the wing of an Airbus A380 currently being transported along the River Dee.

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